Week in Review: Pacific Rim, SDCC, Old Reviews, FEZ

Happy Sunday!  Our “Week in Review” covers the usual stuff I like to talk about: movies, video games, milk of the poppy, and of course action figures.  I actually missed a bunch of stuff this week because I was out-of-town, over in sunny Jacksonville, Florida where it rained all week.  I was at a function where they gave me an iPad, so I get to join the “cool people crew” who have such things.  The nice thing is that it replaces my horribly cracked up phone for in bed and bathroom dicking around on the internet.  The bad thing is I don’t know what else to do with it.  I currently have it leaning up against my printer so I can watch Prometheus and Game of Thrones episodes I have missed.  I feel like I should be doing more, but it certainly doesn’t replace my laptop where I have a nice keyboard.  Typing on a touchscreen makes me feel like I’m back in 4th grade pecking away at a keyboard before I found the “home row.”

Pacific Rim

If you haven’t checked out the new trailer, I’m not sure what you are waiting for!  This is new footage was originally from WonderCon, but they released it anyway to the general public because we clearly needed more motivation to see this movie.

I also haven’t really kept up on the cast of the film, but I noticed in the new trailer that Charlie from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is in the movie!  Took me a second because he is clean-shaven, but there he is:


The voice is a dead giveaway.  I also saw Ron Perlman in there, and I’ll always sit through a film with Mr. Perlman in it.

Mattel San Diego Comic Con Exclusives

Mattel released their San Diego Comic Convention exclusives for this year.  My bias was that I was only really looking to see what Masters of the Universe Classics figures they were doing and I was not disappointed with the picks.  The Rockmen were something I never had as a kid but was aware of.  However I never really saw them coming in the classics line, but here they are!

Maybe if Mattel tried using pictures that are more than 300×300 we could get a better look at the figures and get excited.  Instead they just posted their tiny pictures and told people to check out some comic shop this weekend to see them up close.

Will we ever see this guy?

Mattel announced a lot of stuff, most of it being Hot Wheels, and little to none of it excited me.  Even their attempt to bring back the DC Infinite Earths exclusive was a bust because it ended up being New 52 Shazam with an extra-large hood.  I don’t collect DC stuff but from what I read it was not well received.  Plus it looked like something I could have seen at Target, certainly a step down from The Wonder Twins, Swamp Thing, and Lobo.  It also looks as though they have a large amount of Hoverboards they are looking to dump so that will get lumped in with the SDCC mess.

Finally though, MINI MASTERS get a release.  Sure it isn’t all of the ones we saw two-three years ago but at least He-Man and Skeletor will be coming out.  Fun fact: Asking about Mini Masters was my fall back whenever I had an “Ask Matty” that I could not come up with a question.  Another fun fact: I stopped doing “Ask Matty” about three months ago because it was a pointless exercise in getting no answers … it does get good site hits though, so I do miss that.

Old Reviews (like real old …)

I was bored this week so I wanted to go back and see if the old reviews I did for Toynewsi.com still existed.  Much to my surprise the reviews are still there.  It’s fun to look back at how much of a little shit I was back almost a decade ago.

I forget exactly why I stopped doing reviews there.   My recollection is that I would put up my reviews and the editor (Jay? I think) there would keep telling me to stop using profanities or gross analogies.  I think one day I just stopped without telling anyone.  Typical of me I suppose.  This is probably why I’m manning my tiny little blog and they are still going strong ten years later.

Game of Thrones

I’m not sure why they haven’t made a Game of Thrones throne in scale with 6″ – 7″ figures.  That would go so well with my MOTU and Predator collection.


FEZ came out this week on Steam.  I bought it for the second time because I originally purchased it on my Xbox 360 and then never played it for one reason or another … oh that’s right I never have alone time with my TV.  At least when I’m at my computer the kids can watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates or my wife can watch Brothers and Sisters.  So I finally sunk my teeth into FEZ and so far its a fantastic little platformer with a nice gimmick of moving the angle of the world.

I’m going into it blind because I hear there are a lot of really strange and involved puzzles.  I’m going to see how I do or if I even notice any of them.  The nice thing is that the game does give you a mini-map and will indicate if you haven’t completed a puzzle or found everything in a room.  I dig the game, it is a cute, fun, and nice little distraction I can pick up for a small 15 minute gaming break.

I also got the new Tomb Raider, which should be titled “we do really awful things to Lara.”  It’s pretty fun so far, but I’m not far enough in to give a really informed opinion.  I do like what they have done, and I dig the remake of Lara for the new Willenium.


I got the second series of the Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Man wave, the one where you build Iron Monger.  I am going to attempt to review all three figures this week: Iron Man Mark 42 is already up.

More to come!  Have a great week and don’t be like me last year and forget mother’s day for your wife/mother/girlfriend/etc.

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          1. Yeah, the sellers at that all city garage sale have mighty high prices for amazing figures, one seller was selling the x-force Deadpool for $30, another seller was selling a DCUC Lex Luthor Vs. MOTUC Skeletor 2-pack for $25 (not really high but I thought You’d like the pack!) I ended up purchasing a Comic Book Iron Patriot figure for $5 (BaF part not included)

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