Iron Man Legends Series 2 Ultron Review

Ultron is one of those fan requested characters that took forever to get to.  Marvel Legends DID actually have an Ultron, but it was probably only by name because the mecha-rabbit-kind-of-Ultron they released didn’t really cut it for anyone.  You will even notice from this review that I still have that figure.  It’s not because I love it dearly, but because I have been unable to sell it for more than I bought for: six dollars.  Ultron makes up the only single packed villain of the wave; the other being the Iron Monger build-a-figure.  I suppose you could also make a stretch and say that Iron Patriot can be a villain … for reasons I will not discuss this week as not everyone has seen the movie.

Marvel Legends Iron Man Series 2 Ultron Review - Iron Monger

Are you a fan of paint?  Well then don’t get too excited about this guy because he has two colors: red and silver.  The figure is molded in silver and then we have a few spots painted red on his mouth, eyes, and shoulders.  Now this news may cause PTSD flashbacks of when Hasbro first got the Legends line, but I assure you for this figure the lack of paint actually works.  I’m not giving Hasbro a free pass on it though because they could have done a little bit more.  But of all figures to have a lack of paint, Ultron certainly wears it the best.

Marvel Legends Iron Man Series 2 Ultron Review - Iron Monger

I’m not extremely versed on all of the Marvel Legends “bucks” but I assume that this Ultron is a completely new sculpt.  One thing Hasbro is willing to do is develop new bodies when needed.  This is also one of the things that drives me nuts with the Mattel DC line, I feel like they have used the same body for almost six years.  Hasbro usually builds a new body if needed which helps avoid having their toys look like retail kit-bashes.

Marvel Legends Iron Man Series 2 Ultron Review - Iron Monger

Ultron’s body looks good and the articulation is up to par as well.  He even boasts articulated shoulder pads which help with posing his arms above his head.  The Ultron head is spot on and what we would have expected (but didn’t get) when the Marvel Legends series 11 version came out.  I’m still a little perplexed by that “Legendary Riders” series because for the most part the wave was terrible.  On top of the either bad character choices or poorly done figures, the whole giving the figure something to ride was pointless.  It didn’t fit the theme with any character in the wave.  On top of it all we got something that was labeled “Ultron” but I assure you that thing was not Ultron.  It was similar to when an old man pulled up to my bus stop when I was young and told me he was my friend’s dad and I needed to get in.  That guy definitely wasn’t my friend’s dad.  Thankfully that guy also hasn’t been sitting in a storage bin stashed away in my basement for six years.

Marvel Legends Iron Man Series 2 Ultron Review - Iron Monger

I actually found a great place to get these Iron Man Legends action figures for a great price.  My local FYE had them for $12.99 each, and this wasn’t even a sale!  Otherwise Target has them for $14.75 this week or you could go with the Amazon option which changes far too much for me to document.  When considering getting Ultron you will be tasked with deciding if you want to finish Iron Monger.  I’m not going to lie to you, the decision is tough.  I had no intention of making him until I fell in love with the entire second series … I’m now seeking out the first, which isn’t very hard because every Target, Walmart, and Toys “R” Us has cases of the first series.

Marvel Legends Iron Man Series 2 Ultron Review - Iron Monger

I did the Iron Man 3 Mark 42 armor a few days ago, so now with Ultron we have the left arm and head of Iron Monger.  We’ll see if we have a completed Monger by the end of Iron Man week.  Dare I go after series one?  Dare I review it?  Probably.  But who really knows?

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9 thoughts on “Iron Man Legends Series 2 Ultron Review”

  1. Nice review Jon! Ultron has to be atleast my 2nd favorite Marvel villian and they certainly did Ultron justice with this figure. The buck on the figure does good but since it’s majority of the figure that’s a buck, it’s certainly something to expect from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends.

    1. Yeah nice review Jon and i hope we can put our differences aside and be friends again? but thanks for this topic, as i love Iron Man 3 and all the characters within it and have you seen the movie yet?

      1. Nah kid, Jon hasn’t seen it even though he mentioned it. You say I take a go at you for no reason, this is a perfectly good example of why I “take a go at you” and why Jon let you get devoured by the spam filters in the first place

  2. Great review! And I enjoy the perspective of someone who doesn’t get wrapped up in Marvel Legends the way I do.

    This thing looks nice! I was torn on picking up the Marvel Select Ultron, but I guess I’ll skip him since I need this guy to get at my delicious Iron Monger. Glad to know FYE is a place I should be checking.

    The disappointment that comes with this figure is that he uses the same body as Titanium Man, who was seemingly slated to be released some time during Hasbro’s initial Marvel Legends run(along with Crimson Dynamo) but both figures ended up being tossed into the Iron Man 2 6′ line. I personally don’t mind, since those were great figures and it was a treat to get entirely unique 6″ sculpts right when reuse seemed to become more mandatory than ever across all toy lines. Some folks seem kind of pissed about it, which is understandable since that mess of an Ultron in the Legendary Riders series left a strong desire for a proper Ultron. This one does the job for me as a modern version, since the character often rebuilds himself and if you need a classic version there’s always Marvel Select.

    I will say that the reuse of parts in Marvel Legends is as great as it’s ever been, possibly as much or more than DC, but Hasbro has been doing a great job introducing a variety of basic “human” body types or different builds with great articulation that work really well as the foundation for all of the characters the Marvel Universe has to offer.

    1. It’s not that I don’t get wrapped up in Marvel Legends, its just that I try to avoid buying them because I find myself in a vicious cycle where after a few years I lose interest in them and purge the entire collection. Sometimes this works out like in the case of the TRU exclusive two-packs, other times not so much like with the Legendary Riders I still have sitting around.

      The $20 price tag has kept me from buying the newer Legends, but I couldn’t resist the second wave of this Iron Man line, especially since they are about $5 cheaper. That under $20 price point is really convincing these days where my MOTUC figures are $25, makes me feel like I’m getting a bargain!

      I’ll have to update tonight with the Titanium man reveal (to me, knew if I declared it a new sculpt I would be wrong!), I still don’t mind the reuse because I think it works for the character. But yeah another reused body, everyone is doing it. I still think Hasbro does a little better job of hiding it or at least giving the figure new tools if they need it. NECA has been really good about smart reuse.

      1. Marvel has sucked me in again because of their new sculpts and Build-a-Figures. I am a chump for those things, even if it’s building some dumb character I’ve never heard of. Thankfully, Iron Monger looks great.

        What’s most frustrating with Legends lately is the availability. Some of the stuff I’ve yet to see in stores. Some, I got very lucky and saw exactly once. Add to that the VERY substantial variants, since they are often a different character entirely. Years ago, I was fine without a Dark Phoenix, but I’ll be frustrated if I can’t finish the Wrecking Crew due to variants. What I’m saying is you are smart for being able to avoid going overboard on them these days. I envy this manly strength.

        NECA has been brilliant about reuse in this day when it seems so necessary. Ash from Evil Dead 2 was something that I wish just has 2 heads and included a hand and a chainsaw, but they had to spread it out. They made it much more worthwhile by including some great accessories with each variant and using scene-specific paint for how wet his shirt gets throughout the film. And that reuse is probably what allowed Henrietta to be released, I imagine.

        I also like how they’ve handled Jason Vorhees. 2 versions in a wave, but you can feel good choosing just one without feeling like you’re missing out on something,

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