Mastermind Creations: R-06 Tigris and Full Feral Rex (not-Predaking)

Mastermind Creations, the guys bringing us Feral Rex, (also known as not-Predaking) have released information on the fifth and final member of the combiner team: R-06 Tigris.  Tigris will make up the right arm, and is Mastermind Creations’ version of Rampage from the original Predacon team.

Now that we have all five of Feral Rex’s parts revealed, I wonder what the whole combiner looks like together?


 Well congratulations Mastermind Creations, you have made the most stunning looking Transformer I have ever seen.  I can’t wait for colored pictures now!

Feral Rex (Predaking) is formed through the following parts:

  • Talon (not-Divebomb) – Left Arm
  • Tigris (not-Rampage) – Right Arm
  • Bovis (not-Tantrum) – Left Leg
  • Fortis (not-Headstrong) – Right Leg
  • Leo Dux (not-Razorclow) – Head and Torso


As of today only two of the figures, Talon and Bovis, have gone up for preorder.  I’d suggest grabbing these guys now and maybe taking a look into MMC’s version of Six-Shot, Hexatron, who will be out close to the end of May.  Check out the gallery below for pictures of Tigris.

[nggallery id=163]

15 thoughts on “Mastermind Creations: R-06 Tigris and Full Feral Rex (not-Predaking)”

  1. Wow this is a great review Jon and i love the fact that you’re adding different topics as of recently and i have only just came to this website as i’m new here but any news and info on the Pacific Rim 18′ electronic gypsy danger? thanks mate and also please add new topics on The Hobbit Wave 2 figures!

    1. You must be stupid if you think I’m going to believe your new here, Laurence. Stop kissing ass and constantly requesting for the Hobbit wave 2 figures, he made 1 already you really expect him to make another one? Now, get the hell off the site. Great review Jon! I always love your Transformer reviews

      1. Thank you! There are some very nice unlicensed Transformers coming out, and I need to recruit more people to blow money on them with me!

    2. I hope there are transforming Hobbit figures in wave two, that would be amazing. Like a Gloin that transforms into Gimli!

    1. Haha, welcome to my madness! Thanks on the logo, I still am not in love but it will hold me for the time being.

      Maybe next Adsense payment ill hire a professional.

  2. Oh yeah a transformers Hobbit series maybe possible Jon you know and that would be super cool but if i was you i’d prefer the 3/34 scale line and focus on that. But sorry Jon for what happened earlier with me messing around again and i will pledge to never do it again!

  3. I’m not anymore so just leave it okay cos it’s sort of getting boring that you’re bossing me about and apart from that me and Jon are friends now and i have pledged not to commit anymore silly behavior anymore anyway so if i was you, i’d quit while you’re ahead because it could be you next banned and swallowed in the spam filter as you haven’t been too nice yourself! so watch it matey.

    1. No, the spam filter is for little bitches like you who continue to post. majority of Preternia’s comments are you and your stupid multiple accounts not someone who simply posts 1 or 2 comments that are on topic unlike your

  4. Alright alright stop! now please i’m trying to be well behaved okay but your antagonistic attitude is provoking me furthermore so please stop or i’m gonna report you to the site as i’m not happy with this and i’m not a ”bitch” thank you very much! so i’d quit while you’re ahead!

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