Week in Review: Mothers Day Edition

Happy belated Mothers’ Day to all the mothers reading this site.  I wanted to post this yesterday, but all that family stuff gets in the way and I was just too tired to get this out.  Now that sentiment was wasted let’s get into my mind for this week.

The Spirit of Hordak

It’s been gone over quite a bit by a few of my favorite sites to read this week.  However I have been on a strict “don’t get frustrated by Masters of the Universe” diet since early this year, so I sat on the news and gave it some time to sink in before I posted my thoughts here.  As you can see from the sites I linked this whole thing really blew up and people’s opinions range from steaming mad to not giving a crap.  The comment sections on all of those articles certainly took a beating!

Now I missed out on cherry-flavored Hordak because I was in the dentist’s office with my son.  While in the waiting room I saw a post on Facebook from Hoard World claiming the figure was up for sale and a picture from what I’ll assume was his phone.  I clicked the link and it told me that Hordak had gone back into hiding or something of that nature.

My first reaction to seeing this figure surprised me a bit.  I didn’t really care.  That’s not to say I don’t want the figure, but I’m sure it will be available again and in larger quantities.  The only advantage people who got in this first round have is that they can make some nice money on the secondary market.  I certainly don’t blame sites for doing a “Spirit of Hordak PACKAGING review” because they want to make some fat cash on eBay.  I’d be tempted to do it myself with $150 worth of Fighting Foe Men coming my way this month.

I’d totally get into speculation as to how they are going to roll this release of Hordak out, but I no longer have to as Mattel has addressed the issue today.  In addressing they also managed the put (R) and TM into the web address for the update.  The long and short of it is that Hordak will be available in tomorrow’s “Early Access” and will probably sell out in a one minute similar to Strobo earlier this year.

Moral of the story: Mattel tried to get people to look at their site when they aren’t scheduling a sale.  Instead of leaving stock there during the month they left a figure up a few minutes and took him back down, calling it a “chase” figure.  Remember how fun it is hunting down chase figures?  Exactly.

Making Websites is hard …

You may have noticed I changed the layout of the site.  I was really at odds with the look of the place, so I changed it to something different.  I’m still not sure if this is an improvement or something I will change again.  I’ve been doing some refreshers on PHP and CSS because the last time I really took a class on these things was in college.  That was also almost ten years ago.  Time flies when you get old.

I gave the “PROMOTE” button on Facebook a try, to see what happens when I send Mark Zuckerberg ten dollars.  I got a lot of “penetration” according to their graph, but a total of two new likes.  It feels a lot like the one time I went to the casino and stuck a five dollar bill into the video poker machine.  Two seconds later it was gone and I had nothing to show for it.  I never gambled again, and I probably won’t promote on Facebook again either.

Possibly Teenage Mutant Alien Ninja Turtles – a film by Jonathan Liebesman

I really hope if the Man of Steel movie flops that Christopher Nolan gets as much shit as Michael Bay is getting for the new TMNT movie he is PRODUCING.  Pictures came out this week and as everyone feared, Megan Fox is in the movie.  We also saw some guys in motion capture suits (or shells) and everyone is immediately damning Michael Bay for ruining their childhood and possibly raping their pets.


I never really saw TMNT as high art.  The first movie involved the turtles eating Dominoes Pizza in New York City; this is the point where I check out in saying the film had any integrity.

But I can understand why people are upset.  You certainly wouldn’t want a blockbuster movie to bring money and exposure to a brand you love, would you?  Of course not.  Those Transformers movies certainly hurt that intellectual property didn’t it?  I now own a Soundwave that can press his own eject button, and I can probably thank the mountain of money those movies brought in for that.

Eh, or we can just bitch about the guy bankrolling the project.  Whatever works.

Reviews, they need to get done.  And they will, expect a good number of them in the second half of the month.

New York Comic Con three-day tickets go on sale Wednesday May 15 at noon EST.  I’m getting mine then so please don’t sell out.  I suppose if they do I’ll have to hope I can get a press pass, or single day.

Sleepy now … going to bed … goodnight.

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  1. Flutterlicious

    Can’t wait for the spirit of Hordak to appear and nice to see that people are hearing about the new TMNT movie, my hopes are that My Little Pony: Equestria Girls doesn’t bomb

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