SDCC 2013: Mattel Reveals Kowl, Nepthu, Geldor, and more!

Even though Mattel has their official “Mattypalooza” event on Friday they still decided to drop a few reveals at their booth for preview night.  The usual suspects were there who we had seen before like the upcoming Batros, Castaspella, and all the others.  Castle Grayskull is there in still “not quite complete but almost there” form as well.  Mattel did pack a few surprises for the early part of the convention though revealing some figure we knew about, and some stuff we would have never guessed were in the works.

First reveal is Geldor, the fan’s choice pick for the 2013 subscribers.  If you’ve googled the character you would know what you are getting and the figure turned out true to the source material.  The real victory here is that he is not Illumina.  Geldor comes with a battle-axe and the water of life.



Next up we have the next, and apparently last, weapons pak.  It is appropriately named the “End of Wars” Weapons Pak, it comes packed with an actual mini-figure: Kowl!  Past Kowl there are a few cut parts people will want such as Netossa’s sword, Strobo’s gun, and Rattlor’s General armor.  The rest of the weapons are recolored, and it also includes some new attachments for Roboto and Trap Jaw.  Not sure why they are so quick to label this one the last, I will assume that since the last one can still be bought on their site that they don’t sell as well as they had hoped.


Next up is one of the three Filmation characters to be revealed this week, Nepthu.  It was pretty widely speculated that he was being made and then an eBay auction with him popped up yesterday.  So yes, now we have him carded and confirmed.


Finally for the Preview Night reveals we have something that came out of nowhere, Sky-High with the Jet Sled.  This is a mini-vehicle two-pack that will be sold this holiday season.  The Jet Sled appears to be the front part of that Battle Ram we saw a few years back.  Maybe there is still a chance it’s coming out!


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