SDCC 2013: Two-Bad, Modulok, Horde Troopers, and More!

Mattel was surgical with the Masters of the Universe Classics reveals today at San Diego Comic Convention.  When they said that they were going to focus on the vintage line they weren’t joking, and the reveals read like a fan’s most wanted checklist.  Let’s get right into it:


[h3]Club Filmation[/h3]

We have three months unrevealed of the half-year mini subscription.  Two of the figures were already shown prior to the panel: Nephthu and Sea Hawk.  The final figure slated for December release is Strongarm!  So the final lineup for Club Filmation goes as so:

July – Icer
August – Shakoti
September – Batros
October – King Nephthu
November – Sea Hawk
December – Strongarm


[h3]Club Eternia and other Masters of the Universe Classics[/h3]

2013 is going out with a bang and will KILL your wallets.  Not only are there a whole load of regular monthly releases, but also almost every month there will be an off-sub item.  Ouch!  The Horde Troopers who everyone knew were coming are official and live up to the hype.  And in a surprise move Plundor takes the final December spot as the last figure of 2013’s club Eternia.  Now that the entire lineup has been revealed I must say this year has been quite satisfying as a Masters of the Universe fan!  Check out the full run-down here:

September – Sky-High and Sky Sled (Non Sub)
October – Lord Dactus
October – Horde Troopers Two Pack
October – End of Wars Weapons Pak (Non Sub)
November – Geldor
November – Castle Grayskull (Non Sub)
December – Plundor


Here comes the 2013 Club Eternia … the fan service is flowing and it is pretty glorious!  The names speak for themselves.  If you can’t get excited about this year then I’m not sure I can help you!  The club exclusive is a mystery figure who will remain a mystery until March when he ships.  Let’s see if Mattel can actually keep this figure under wraps.

January 2014 – Two-Bad
February 2014 – Glimmer
March 2014 – Hydron
March 2014 – Modulok ($40 Quarterly)
March 2014 – Unnamed one (Mystery Club Exclusive)


[h3]Convention Exclusives[/h3]

Traveling Convention Exclusive – Goatman

Stan Lee’s Komikazie Exclusive – Standar (Stan Lee MOTUC figure)

I’m not at the show so I’m using photos from random Twitter people, if I stole a picture of yours I apologize and let me know where I can give credit.  If you want a full gallery, check out my homies at TheFwoosh … they are on the scene!


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