Fansproject Causality CA-12 Last Chance Review

Fansproject’s not-Menasor has one thing going for him right now, he is one of the few third-party combiners that doesn’t have a competing company making him as well.

At the beginning of the year the two big announcements were Mastermind Creation’s Predaking and Fansproject’s Menasor.  Since then the third-party manufacturers have gone into a nosedive of doing every combiner conceivable.  On top of that there are four companies doing Predaking.  However, I still believe Mastermind Creations (while not the first) is the best.  Also somebody was not pleased with the Bruticus upgrade kit, so now there is a gigantic one built from scratch making the internet rounds.

Fansproject Causality Last Chance Review Transformers

I’m not going to speak for Transformers fandom, but I have to think there is going to be a saturation point because third-party combiners are extremely expensive.  We still don’t know exactly how much Motormaster is going to cost but lets assume the rumor of $130 is true.  Each Stunticon was roughly $60 each so $240 + $130 is going to total out to about $370 spent to make your own Fansproject not-Menasor.  It certainly helps to not make it feel that way because the releases are spaced out throughout the year, but when you look back you still spent a good chunk of change.

The best part is, though, not-Menasor is going to be the cheapest combiner out there.

Fansproject Causality Last Chance Review Transformers

Sideshow is a good example of a company that makes you feel comfortable with purchasing big-ticket items.  They started running their flex-pay program which allows you to pay a little each month towards a large purchase.  Suddenly a $300 Hot Toys figure is only $50 a month, mentally putting the buyer at ease even though they are still buying an expensive action figure.

Toys are expensive these days.  Third party toys and addons are even more of a money-sink.  Welcome to collecting past 2010, it only gets worse from here.

Fansproject Causality Last Chance Review Transformers

Last Chance seems to be appropriately named because he is the last Stunticon prior to getting the big man.  He could be looked at as your “last chance” to get out, or your “last chance” to gather up the other cars.  Using the name Last Chance also gave me a mini heart attack when he went up for preorder, as I thought that was my last opportunity to grab the little guy.

Fansproject Causality Last Chance Review Transformers

Of the four Stunticons I think that Last Chance has the best transformation.  The first two were pretty much the same, so that got old pretty fast.  Then when I got Down Force I thought his was overly complicated, and even involved taking a parts off to complete.  Last Chance has a cool folding arm mechanic which actually adds a good amount of articulation in his bot mode.

Fansproject Causality Last Chance Review Transformers

Is Last Chance for you?  If you own the other cars I would say yes.  If you are considering your first third party Transformer purchase I would look elsewhere, perhaps Mech Ideas Demolition Crue is a better stepping stone into that realm.  Last Chance (and all the Stunticons) are great little expensive bots, but the real purpose in collecting these guys is to make Menasor.  Enjoy them in their bot form for now because once Motormaster is released they will take their proper forms of arms and legs. Forget seeing those faces again.

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