Mattel MOTUC Rokkon and Stonedar Review

Mattel chose an interesting set of characters to tackle for their 2013 San Diego Comic Convention exclusive Masters of the Universe Classics item.  Due to their refusal to do deviate far from the basic MOTUC body I never expected them to tackle the Comet Warriors because they need to be able to transform into rocks.  I’m guessing their work with the snap-on parts for Vykron last year gave them some ideas and possibly confidence, so now the result is now sitting right in front of me.  The Warriors of Rock have arrived!

MOTUC Comet Warriors Rokkon and Stonedar SDCC Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Rokkon and Stonedar
Release Date: 07/18/2013 (SDCC Exlusive)
Price: $60.00
Faction: Heroic Warriors of Rock

MOTUC Comet Warriors Rokkon and Stonedar SDCC Review

Masters of the Universe Classics has a proud tradition of releasing essential characters as their SDCC exclusives.  What would our collections be without Prince Adam, Orko, Queen Marlena, King Grayskull, and Mo-Larr?  Sure they slipped last year into the concept character trap with Vykron, but this year they came back with a straight up vintage tag-team.  The Comet Warriors were unexpected to me, but then again I am really bad at guessing anything that is planned.  I did however call Two-Bad this year but honestly who didn’t?  I also predicted him being a no day-of-stock figure as well.  So as far as Two-Bad I am two for two but with anything else I’m really not a good guesser.

MOTUC Comet Warriors Rokkon and Stonedar SDCC Review

I have a confession to make.  The vintage Comet Warriors scare the living crap out of me.  Their horrific faces with dead crossed eyes peer into my soul, and I don’t like the feeling it gives me.  My nightmares are made up of Rokkon’s silver inhuman face.  Thankfully this is where the Four Horsemen came in to save the day because they have made the stone men both modern and approachable.  Similar to what they did with Moss Man.

MOTUC Comet Warriors Rokkon and Stonedar SDCC Review

Rokkon and Stonedar actually make fantastic rocks.  In fact I am probably going to display them like that for a couple of reasons.  First, I am still not completely over my childhood fear of these two.  As mentioned prior I sleep with all of my Masters of the Universe figures, so to know that they may be staring at me while I’m snoozing is scary.  Also it adds a little more variety to my MOTUC shelf.  I don’t really need a set of two more Trap Jaw legs in the display.  Rocks it is.  And those rocks will sit proudly upon my Grayskull coming later this year.

MOTUC Comet Warriors Rokkon and Stonedar SDCC Review

All of the rock parts except the head snap on to the figures.  This enables you to mix and match what you want attached to the character at any given time.  On one hand this is a good thing because it gives you a lot of display options.  On the other hand I wish the duo had a little more posability when all their rock attachments are on.  I find that I really need to strip them down (especially the legs) to make any kind of natural humanoid pose.  When all the parts are attached to the figure you can add the base part and bend him down to complete the boulder.  It will have an open bottom that if you turn him on his side it looks like a mini cockpit or Eternian video game chair.  The rocks are painted and detailed on both sides.  This certainly isn’t like Stinkor with unpainted accessories, the stone men have a great amount of detail.  Even the electronic parts of their arms have paint, but I should probably expect that out of figures that are $30 each.

MOTUC Comet Warriors Rokkon and Stonedar SDCC Review

The Comet Warriors certainly don’t seem to have the hype of prior SDCC exclusives.  However, they are still solid entries and a welcome item to take off the checklist.  This year Hasbro also taught me that some items are unnecessarily hard to obtain.  I give Mattel a lot of crap about different issues but they seem to have this convention exclusive thing down pretty well.  Buying these figures was a painless experience that I never had to stress over, unlike Hasbro’s Boba Fett.

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