Valve: DOTA2 and Portal Blind Box Madness!

I’ve spent a good part of the weekend into this week watching DOTA2’s International Tournament.  I can understand that some people may not be into watching teams of 20+ year-olds play video games, but I find the broadcasting and production enjoyable.  However, I am not here to preach the excitement of e-sports.  No, instead I am here to tell you about some fun merchandise you can grab from this year’s Tournament International 3!


The reason I found out about these is because I’m a huge DOTA fan, so I heard that “The Secret Shoppe” (aka Valve’s merchandise store at the tournament) was selling some swag.  The ones that stuck out most to me are the blind boxed micro-plush DOTA2 characters!

DOTA2 Blindbox Mini Plush
How cute!

Now that you have seen these cute plushes you can go grab them over at Valve’s online store!  Not only do you get a random plush of some of the cooler characters in DOTA2, but they also come with a code to unlock some sweet gear in-game.  You have a chance at opening a Faceless Void, Earthshaker, Tidehunter, Ursa, Death’s Prophet, or five other random heroes.  Each figure costs $10 plus shipping, but if you have no interest in the codes you can more than likely pawn them off the make up for some of that cost.

[h3]Portal 2[/h3]

The blind-boxed mini Sentry Turrets by NECA/Wizkids are back for a second series!  The Valve store has both single boxes and a case of twelve on sale now.  I was a huge fan of the first series of Portal 2 Sentry Turret series and glad they are back with a second wave.  Check out the possible sentries you can get this time:


The plain white turret returns for this wave, along with some chases.

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  1. The DOTA plushies look very cute, especially the faceless void (Which I was playing as for 1 round and we lost because of it) and the Torrents look incredible, I always question why NECA & Wizkids went with this 1 version open 1 version closed type deal, rather then make that part slide in and out, but then again that’s be faulty

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