Mastermind Creations Terminus Hexatron (Sixshot) Review Part 1

We are currently living in a golden age of transforming toys.

I’m usually impressed with what some of the top third-party Transformer outfits can make, but I think that Mastermind Creations may have topped anything I have seen to date.  It’s impressive to see a robot transform from a vehicle to a robot.  A triple changer (such as Springer or Sandstorm) is even more impressive when all three modes actually look good.  Who would have ever thought a company that was not Hasbro or Takara would actually want to tackle the logistics of a robot that can change into six different modes?  MMC decided to take on Sixshot, a character that has a decent G1 figure, but has never gotten a proper modern update.

Mastermind Creation Terminus Hexatron Review Third Party Transformers

Again I need to reiterate how much I respect the people who engineer transforming robots.  I’m blown away that they found a way to make Terminus Hexatron (aka Sixshot) look INCREDIBLE in robot mode while also having five other transformations.  Hexatron stays true to his inspiration by going from robot to either winged wolf, APC, laser pistol, tank, or star fighter.  Hexatron covers pretty much everything a Transformer would turn into anyway, all in one convenient figure!

Mastermind Creation Terminus Hexatron Review Third Party Transformers

I’m going to break this review up into two parts because there is just far too much transforming that needs to be done.  For the first part of the review I will focus on mostly on the robot mode and my personal favorite transformation, the winged wolf.

Mastermind Creation Terminus Hexatron Review Third Party Transformers

The first thing you will notice when you get Hexatron is that he is huge!  He has about a head’s worth of height on Masterpiece Soundwave, and with his back-flaps he measures up to around 12″ tall.  Hexatron comes boxed up in a great window box that shows off his bot form.  The box is packed up with a book that includes both instructions and a comic, a Hexatron trading card, two Hypersonic Concussion Blasters, and two Katanas with sheaths.  On top of the obvious pack-ins he also has a few hidden surprise accessories.  His six wheels can be removed and converted into shurikens.  The other little “Easter Egg” is that you can remove his helmet and see his little bot head.  He appears to be sporting a little red dew-rag, it’s pretty awesome!

Mastermind Creation Terminus Hexatron Review Third Party Transformers

Hexatron has a very sturdy base with large lower legs and wide feet.  For being a large figure he can get into a lot of great battle poses, and the wide base helps you achieve these mostly unsupported.  The colors are also very faithful to his G1 look, but where he really shines is all the little detail in his sculpt.  The sculpt is very busy but not overwhelming which works well for the character in my opinion.

Mastermind Creation Terminus Hexatron Review Third Party Transformers

My favorite transformation of Hexatron is the “winged wolf.”  Why?  Why not?  It’s just a crazy thing to transform in to and I’m glad they kept the concept from the original figure.  Mastermind Creations did a great job with the wolf head because it has a ball joint and articulated jaw.  It is basically everything I would have wanted from a robot-wolf-head.  The winged wolf is one of my favorite Hexatron modes because it looks cool as all hell, and its also very easy to do.  That combination is hard to beat!

Mastermind Creation Terminus Hexatron Review Third Party Transformers

Check back soon as we will have part two of this review, we will delve into the other Hexatron modes, price, the future, and delays.


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