Mattel MOTUC Plundor Review

What is it about that pink bunny rabbit that is so polarizing to Masters of the Universe Classics’ fans?  In my opinion he seems like a dream come true for a fan of MOTU, and probably one of the better arguments for the subscription/collector direct business models.  If we are being honest there is little to no chance a retail line that isn’t Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would see a single packed pink rabbit character.  But here we are at roughly the 130th figure in this line and we have hit Plundor, also known as the “evil rabbit seeking riches.”

Mattel MOTUC Plundor Review Masters of the Universe Classics

Masters of the Universe Classics – Plundor
Release Date: 12/16/2013 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $25.00 ($27.00 non sub)
Faction: Evil Rabbit Seeking Riches

Once the Masters of the Universe Classics line gained its footing and began rolling with monthly releases it seemed like the sky was the limit as far as character selection.  Sure the Ram Mans and Two Bads are fan favorites, but every iteration of the Masters of the Universe toy lines have done those characters.  The Classics series potential (and especially once Mattel got the license to do Filmation characters) was endless to get concept, new, and characters from the comics and cartoons that never got a shot at plastic.

Mattel MOTUC Plundor Review Masters of the Universe Classics

I’d always considered Plundor the summation of MOTU.  You had your ninjas, cowboys, barbarians, space aliens, and robots all in the same world.  The creators finally tossed in the kitchen sink when they cooked up Plundor, a giant pink bunny.  Basically they said “fuck it, Eternia is a place where anything and everything goes.”  It is of my opinion that this line of thinking helped kids latch on to MOTU because it was a world where anything goes, so they can go hog-wild with their imagination.

Mattel MOTUC Plundor Review Masters of the Universe Classics

I’m a little surprised that Plundor didn’t end up in the Filmation series this year.  Not that Filmation characters haven’t shown up in the regular monthly subscription, but he just seems like the type of character perfect to headline a Filmation subset.  I suppose it was just a toss-up between Strong-Or and Plundor for the December spots.  Plundor got the headliner spot and Strong-Or was the opener.  The decision worked out in my favor since I have only one Filmation subscription compared to my two Club Eternias.  It’s never a bad thing when you get an extra pink rabbit!

Mattel MOTUC Plundor Review Masters of the Universe Classics

There isn’t too much to Plundor as he’s a pretty basic MOTUC furry body with a few new parts.  Where he really shines though is the head sculpt.  They packed that little bunny head full of personality.  Mattel (or the Four Horsemen) took the soft and cartoon-like Filmation look and hardened it a bit which gives him a much more menacing persona.  He was also sculpted with one ear half-flopped down which adds to the personality of the character.

Mattel MOTUC Plundor Review Masters of the Universe Classics

Our bunny friend comes with two accessories; one being for him and the other for Skeletor.  The gun isn’t much to talk about because it’s just a repaint of Webstor’s.  The other accessory is Skeletor’s Filmation axe.  It’s very similar to his normal one but has a big clear orb on top.  It’s a fine accessory and the paint looks great, but they do use a soft plastic that warps very easily.  The material is a little disappointing especially when the original axes were made with very hard rigid plastic.

So where can you get Plundor?  Oddly enough you can still grab him over at Mattycollector’s site … that is if you don’t mind being bent over on shipping!  Who knows when they will decide to take him down, but you do have other options like Amazon.

Mattel MOTUC Plundor Review Masters of the Universe Classics

I dig the Plundor.  He’s simple but a great addition to the Masters of the Universe Classics family.  As we seem to be straying away from the concept and oddball characters it is nice to see that some of those crazy one-shot Filmation characters are still on the table.  I don’t usually like to make judgements, but if you don’t like a big pink bunny in your Masters of the Universe Classics collection you may not like fun.

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