The Top Fifteen Action Figures of 2013 Part 2

The list continues! The next five top figures of 2013 will be explored, examined, and ranked.  Join us below as we take a look back at a great year for toys!


[h2]10. MECH iDEAS – Demolition Crue[/h2]

The MECH iDEAS Demolition Crue was a modern update of Topspin and Twin Twist, two of my favorite Transformers as a kid.  The reality is that I dug the vintage versions because they transformed themselves after I would roll them back like a pull-back car.  The MECH iDEAS versions do not share the self transforming technology, but damn if they aren’t cool little “transforming robot toys.

You never forget your first.  These guys were my introduction to third party Transformers.  The price was right and the characters were ones I cared about so it ended up being the perfect situation.  They made a great first impression and since then I’ve gone on to grab stuff from Fansproject, Fans Toys, and Mastermind Creations.  The Demolition Crue proved that good quality third party Transformers could be gotten at a decent price.

Check out or review of the Crue!

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[h2]09. Onell Design – Sonesidar Mimic Armorvor[/h2]

I have a lot of Armorvors.  Onell Design has put out a TON of colorways for the little robot-creatures.  The Sonesidar Mimic colorway is my favorite of all time.  The blue color scheme is so reminiscent of Mega Man that I fell madly in love and broke myself out of my Onell drop slump.  I’m honestly not sure if this color can ever be beat its just that good.

If you missed out on this one I am sorry.  It’s the best.


[h2]08. NECA – Team Fortress 2 Soldier and Heavy (Red)[/h2]

NECA’s Team Fortress 2 line continues to move along checking characters off of the cast list.  While I really enjoyed the first series of figures, I felt that their quest to keep them completely game accurate hurt them as actual action figures.  I was very happy to see that they made a ton of improvements to the second series.  The most important improvement: both being able to stay standing!

These figures look like they jumped right out of the game and into a tiny clamshell.  They both come packed with alternate hands, signature weapons, and of course the in game hat unlock.  The Valve releases have slowed down a bit over at NECA, but I do hope they stick out the TF2 cast.  The Heavy and Soldier were a great second series and I can’t wait to see the Spy and Engineer next year.

We of course reviews the Heavy and Soldier, so check them out.

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[h2]07. Mattel – MOTUC Castle Grayskull[/h2]

It’s been a long journey from the announcement, to the sales drive, to the prototypes and finally to completion.  But the Masters of the Universe Classics version of Castle Grayskull has arrived.  There are a lot of Mattel things I could bitch about regarding the release of the castle.  But going by how excited I felt when FedEx pulled up and dropped off that enormous box it would be silly for me not to consider this castle a highlight of the year.

I also basically used it as a backdrop for this entire list, so that has to count for something as well!


[h2]06. Takara – Masterpiece Prowl, Smokescreen, and Blue Streak[/h2]

The Transformers Masterpiece Nissan brothers were a welcome treat in the last quarter of the year.  Takara cemented the fact that the MP line is here to stay with this new mold and set of three different characters.  While Prowl was the fan favorite of the bunch, my favorite ended up being Smokescreen.  The colors and the body changes really help make him stand out.  However I list all three as my favorites because even a character like Streak, who I didn’t care much about, turned out incredible.

I also rediscovered Hobby Link Japan.  Importing these guys is so much cheaper direct from them.  I can get a package shipped across the world in three days for less than ten bucks.  Yet somehow it takes Mattel two weeks to send me a package from California.  Wonders never cease!

Well, Merry Christmas all.  Check back later this week for the final installment in our TOP FIFTEEN ACTION FIGURES OF 2013 MAST LIST!  And feel free to check out the previous five figures here.

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  1. Whoa! Excellent Choice of figures there Jon, can’t wait for the 3rd Installment! I’ll be on the edge of my seat until then…

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