Rampageo Industries Slimes Wave 2 Review

Mustaches, scars, flowers, and hideous diseases!  Slimes have them all.  Rampageo Industries is back with another set of Slimes from the Fabulous World of Jalldoon.  Last we left them Heroic Prince Algor was pretty much rolling and controlling shit like Gusto in CB4.  His world is about to be turned upside down as this universe expands with four new heroes: Princess Ikari, Delgon, General Skale, and King Valdar.

* Suggested music track for this review — Guile Theme 10 Hours (Street Fighter)


You want to get in on this drop, don’t you?  Well read carefully because the sale will begin Friday February 28th, full details as follows:

Coming soon from Rampageo Industries is The Exciting World of Jalldoon Slimes Wave 2. Featuring 4 all new Slimes! The figures will be available in 4 different colors Glowberry (GITD), Forged Glowberry (Silver w/blue GITD), Confetti, and Liars Blue. Slimes will be available in full sets of 4 (featuring 2 good and 2 evil Slimes) for $20, grab bag color way singles for $5 as Also available will be the mini War Slimes in a 2 pack for $4, and a very limited number of large scale Wild Cave Slimes for $20. Available Friday 2/28 at 9pm EST on the Doomkick Store (http://doomkick.com/products-page/)


As has become typical with a Slime drop, you got yourself a lot of variety in the way of colors and sizes.  Dr. Rampageo makes great choices as far as color on his slimey creations.  I think the “Confetti” set I got has been the hardest so far to photograph, but it looks great and really stands out from the others!  I’ll let you in on a little secret as well, the confetti version tastes better too!  Trust me, I took a lick and it was fucking great!


The Slime series is a fun and creative venture for Rampageo industries.  I’ve seen the behind the scenes pictures and admire the dedication the man has to his craft.  He’s always plotting and figuring out the right mixes of colors and textures.  I wish I had that much dedication to anything!  The man also has some serious airbrush skills, go check out some of his work over at the doomkick now.


If I had to pick a favorite slime of the bunch it would be the princess.  Princess Ikari is quite beautiful in her simplicity, and I love the little sculpted flowers on the sides of her head.  I also don’t mind that the fine Doctor let me preview her first way back when [editor’s note — he actually previewed King Valdar, I don’t know what’s up with him tonight]!  She’s also a small little slime in a predominantly large-sized wave.  Slime size is definitely an incentive of this second series.  The slimes seem to be taking steroids and growing in size, yet the prices stay around the same … again great news!


What can I else can I say about Slimes?  I’ve reviewed the first wave and Heroic Prince Algor.  Wave two is just more of the creative energy of the mind behind Doomkick and Rampageo Industries.  Head on over there next week and grab a few slimes for your desk, I always have a couple sitting on mine.  They are great fun and it’s always important to support the little guys!

* editor’s note — with this review I retire the Castle Grayskull backdrop.

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