Toy Fair 2014: 3A

The fine folks at 3A made their first visit to New York Toy Fair and as would be expected had a gorgeous booth.  I just recently got into their products when I bought their Valve Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body 1/6 scale figures.  Their booth was one of my “must stop” areas and they did not disappoint.  3A brought a little bit of everything to the show.  They had cases dedicated to their upcoming figures including Marvel, Valve, and Killzone.  They also had a ton of their great in-house product that originally put them on the map; stuff like Adventure Kartel, World War Robot, Tomorrow Kings, and Evenfall.


They were showing off their new 1/12 scale lines with retailer display boxes.  They debuted the 3AGO 8″ line by handing out some samples.  I got myself a nice Tomorrow King and will have a review up a little bit later into the week.  Their Microman String Divers were on display.  Their gigantic 24″ Popbot was out.  They also had a gigantic red robot called Mars from a line titles World’s Best Robots.


Ashley Wood was also on location to talk about himself, his company, and his toys.  We sat and talked to him for a good hour after taking the tour of the booth.  The 3A booth was a good time and I’m interested to see how far their retail aspirations go because I’d love to grab some 1/12 scale Adventure Kartel at a local shop.

Check out our pictures below for additional shots of their Toy Fair showing:

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