Toy Fair 2014: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics

I think for my final Toy Fair update for the day I’ll delve into the Masters of the Universe Classics reveals.  Mattel ushered a whole bunch of people into a tiny, hot room that just happened to also have some new MOTUC reveals.  First for the club Eternia we got our September reveal: Rio Blast.  There was also a book accessory lying on the display, this apparently belongs to Eldor so I imagine we can expect to see him around SDCC time.  There will also be a Loo-Kee and Kowl two-pack being sold randomly for $20 similar to the Spirit of Hordak from last year.


The next announcement didn’t come as a surprise to most, but it was an add-on subscription called “Club Etheria.”  This subscription is set up a little different from the past two add-on subs.  While it still will run the last six months of the year, this one will have a bonus sub-exclusive figure called Light Hope who will be released in October.  There will also be one $30 dollar item offered later in the year, rumors tend to favor this being Mermista.  The sub will kick off with Double Mischief (I assume they lost the TM for Double Trouble) in July, then Madam Razz in August, and Entrapta in September.  The teaser left on the display is for Sweet Bee, who I imagine will be the October figure.


The mini-Masters were all on display as well.  Check them out if you are interested, personally I can’t be bothered because they are expensive as hell, tiny, and I can’t combine the shipping with my subscription.


Finally we had this guy out there.  Mattel is looking to do something similar to the Gentle Giant blown up vintage Star Wars collection.  They are looking to blow up vintage Masters of the Universe characters and put them on retro cards.  Seems like a cool idea, but I’m interested to see the prices on something like that.  It’s worth mentioning Skeletor has He-Man arms, so they may be a little further along with this process than they are letting on.

We went ahead and updated our MOTUC release date and check list with the Toy Fair reveals, check it out here.  And have fun browsing the pictures of the various Masters of the Universe Classics reveals, Rio Blast is incredible!

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