Toy Fair 2014: Mezco Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad

Shout out to some of the nicest guys out there at Mezco!  They are always so welcoming when you come to visit their booth, I just can’t help but smile.  Mezco, of course, has their Breaking Bad line and they had a good batch of stuff to show off this year.  But the other line they have just launched is the Sons of Anarchy.  I think they hit the likeness of Jax and Clay pretty damn well.  Similar to the Breaking Bad figures they will have limited articulation but fantastic sculpts.

There should be 6″ and 12″ Sons of Anarchy figures hitting the shelves around Fall of this year.  Don’t forget to check out Mezco’s site to get the latest as to what’s going on with them.  It’s great to see what they are up to every year, and I wish them the best with the new action figure line!  Check out the pics below from their Toy Fair display:

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