Toy Fair 2014: NECA Alien

We were told last year at San Diego Comic Convention that “there is no point in doing a Power Loader without a Ripley to pilot it.”  Well, the first thing I noticed at NECA’s Toy Fair booth was they did indeed have a Power Loader, Dallas, and Bishop.  But something was missing, something that needed to pilot that Power Loader.  I mentioned this quote to the nice gentleman touring myself and my buddy Tom around the booth and he gave me a bit of a smile and said he didn’t know anything about it.  Fine, be that way!  Let’s then start with what was displayed at the booth.


Alien series three was revealed in full!  The series will hit shelves around July 2014 and will include Kane (in Nostromo suit with face hugger — NECA was unable to get John Hurt’s likeness so this is a creative way to get around it), Bishop, and the Dog Alien from Alien 3.


The next shelf over had Alien Series 4’s Dallas in Nostromo suit.  And of course the aforementioned Power Loader.  So did NECA get the likeness rights to do Ripley?  You are damn right they did!  Word came out today that NECA has the likeness rights to the Ellen Ripley character and we will see our first version in Alien Series 4, Ripley in the Nostromo suit.  NECA’s next planned Ripley will be from Aliens, and I imagine we will see many more from that point.  This is a huge get for NECA, and just like Dutch I imagine they will make the absolute best of it.

Sure we haven’t seen a new Space Marine for the Alien line, but think about the stable of characters we will have by end of year: Dallas, Ripley, (sort of) Kane, Bishop, Hudson, and Hicks.  That is a pretty broad selection of characters, and I bet we will be getting a ripped apart Bishop at some point as well.  The possibilities here are pretty endless and the future looks bright for the NECA Alien franchise.

Check out our pictures below of NECA’s booth from Toy Fair 2014:

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