Toy Fair 2014: NECA Pacific Rim

NECA’s Pacific Rim line just seemed to catch fire this last year proving that you really never know what toy line will take off and what will fail.  NECA showed off the complete third series and the 1/4 scale Knifehead for the first time.  Knifehead should be coming your way in May 2014 while the third series should actually be here by the end of the month.  Some interesting news also came out about upcoming figures they did not have to show at Toy Fair.

First is that Gipsy Danger will be redone at the 7″ scale with new articulation.

Second is that series four has been revealed and it will only contain two Kaiju: Axehead and Scunner.  There will be no Jaeger side of the fourth series.

Third is that the next 1/4 scale Pacific Rim figure has been revealed.  The Russian Cherno Alpha will be the third 1/4 scale Pacific Rim figure.  Why Cherno Alpha?  According to Randy on twitter, because he likes him best!

We got some great shots of the split third series loose and carded in addition to the GIGANTIC 1/4 scale Knifehead, check out the gallery below and get hyped for more monster goodness:

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