Toy Fair 2014: Playmates TMNT Nick and Classics

That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Nickelodeon line just keeps chugging along!  Playmates’ booth this year was littered with new products for this extensive kid’s line.  But we’ll get into the Nick line in a second, first we need to give the big update on the TMNT Classics line.  The update is, well they have the four movie turtles on display.  Sorry, at the moment Playmates is feeling out to see how the movie turtles sell, and if they do well they may consider doing some additional villains in “Classic” form.


For the time being, TMNT Classics fans have the 1990 Movie Turtles to look forward to.  Each figure will come with a sewer lid stand and of course their signature weapons.  An observation I had is that it looks like the turtles at this point in time will not have the freckles they had in the early prototype pictures.  I’ll assume this was a cost cutting opportunity?  The set looks to scale with the original four, but their size is still gigantic in respect to the Bebop and Rocksteady.


Now on to the Nick Toon, we finally have LARP’ing Turtles!  The line is officially a success!

Playmates had a TON of product out for the Nickelodeon show, including three new waves, a bunch of new vehicles, and a whole zipline system that is just nuts.  We got our first look at the cartoon Slash figure, I didn’t find him as cool as the original but that old one is hard to beat!  What else can I say?  The LARP’ing Turtles won the show over for me.  I love gimmick Turtles, never change that Playmates.

Check out the pictures below for all the madness of the Playmates TMNT booth.  We got lots of great shots of the Classics Movie Turtles and the Nick stuff:

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