Toy Fair 2014: Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy

Let’s start out our Toy Fair 2014 coverage with none other than The Guardians of the Galaxy.  Hasbro was very excited to give us a sneak peek at the complete Marvel Legends line that will accompany the release of the movie this summer.  We can expect to see the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends line hitting shelves some times around June of this year.


The set will be a six figure wave which will contain four figures from the movie and two comic characters.  The six figures will each come with a part to make a nine-inch tall Groot based off the movie character.  The six characters in this wave are:

1. Star-Lord (Movie) w/ Groot Arm
2. Gamora (Movie) w/ Groot Leg
3. Rocket Raccoon (Movie) w/ Groot Upper Body and Head
4. Drax (Movie) w/ Groot Lower Body
5. Iron Man (Comic) w/ Groot Leg
6. Nova (Comic) w/ Groot Arm

Check out the pictures below for some looks at the figures in this series.  They continue with the same style box as both the Spider-Man 2 and Captain America Infinite Legends series.  Retail should be the same as well, around $19.99 at stores.

Guardians of the Galaxy will hit theaters August 1, 2014!

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