Toy Fair 2014: Star Wars Black Six-Inch Wave 4

Looks like Hasbro has big plans for the new Star Wars Black six-inch line for 2014.  Not only will the action figure line be expanding for 2014, but they are going to be tackling larger figures!  The big reveals coming that a six-inch scale Jabba the Hutt and Speeder Bike with Speeder Bike Scout are on the way for this year!  In addition some heavy hitters are joining the collection, we have the following shown:

Darth Vader (Episode VI version with removable helmet)
Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker (Episode VI version with alternate shirt)
Sandtrooper (Episode IV version with gray pauldron)
Chewbacca (Episode IV version)
Clonetrooper (Episode II version, clean white)
Anakin Skywalker (Episode III version with alternate evil head)

The boxes for the figures have also been redone in a new color scheme and with slightly more window space.  This was more than likely to accommodate the incoming Chewbacce figure who is quite huge!

Check out the gallery below for more pictures of the Star Wars Black six-inch figures for 2014.  Hasbro also made it clear they is still much to reveal that they will be showing at SDCC.  So if you can wait about five more months you are sure to get another surprise!

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