Toy Fair 2014: A Crowded Coop TF2 and DOTA2

I had the pleasure of visiting the people over at A Crowded Coop today to see what Valve themed offerings they have for 2014!  I did not leave disappointed as I got to see plenty of blind boxed DOTA 2 plushes and Team Fortress 2 minis.

As a fan of the DOTA 2 International that was hosted last year in Seattle, I’m glad to find out that A Crowded Coop is hard at work on a brand new series of DOTA 2 blind boxed mini-plushes.  The original series debuted at International and was a HUGE hit.  Not only were they adorable plush versions of your favorite DOTA heroes, but they also came with a code to unlock cosmetics for your game!  No word yet on what characters will be in the new assortment, but we will be sure to let you know once that information becomes available.

A Crowded Coop Toy Fair 2014 Valve DOTA 2 TF2

Another big hit last year was the Nature’s Prophet plush!  As you can see on their display there is now a GIGANTIC Tidehunter in the works as well.  I was told this is a fairly early version of the hero which is why the fish he’s holding is the incorrect color, which should be fixed by the time it’s released.  I honestly can’t wait to get ahold of one of these plush Tidehunters, they are adorable!

For the TF2 side of things they have their first series of cute little Team Fortress 2 figures coming out soon!  These 3″ scale vinyl figures are great little adaptations of your favorite characters from the game.  Again these are blind boxed, and you can see you have a chance at an Engineer, Scout, Spy, Soldier, Sentry Gun, amoungst others!  Most sites have these up as preorders that should be filled by February, so they should be hitting soon!

I had a great time chatting with the folks at A Crowded Coop, and love how enthusiastic they are about their Valve partnership.  I look forward to their future plans and can’t wait to cover my desk with TF2 minis!  Check out the gallery below for a bunch of pictures of their products:

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