Toy Fair 2014: Funko Legacy Game of Thrones S2

Sure Funko’s Legacy series is currently going through some rough growing pains, but that didn’t stop them from showing off their second series of the action figure line.  The super articulated six-inch line will include five new characters and one variant.  The breakdown is as follows (from left to right):

Funko Legacy Game of Thrones Series 2 Toy Fair 2014

1. Brienne of Tarth
2. Khal Drogo
3. Daenerys Targaryen
4. Arya Stark
5. Robb Stark
6. Jaime Lannister

Funko Legacy Game of Thrones Series 2 Toy Fair 2014

I have to say the likenesses for the second wave seem to be much stronger than the first.  Of course none of this means anything if Funko doesn’t take a serious look at the factory and the materials they plan to use for the second series of action figures.  The character selection seems  there and the prototypes do look good, but I was burned by the first series already.  I will definitely wait out reviews before I go jumping back into this line.

* as an aside — Funko, the neon light backdrop you used for these displays was a NIGHTMARE to try and get pictures of the figures.  These sculpts look good!  You want to show them off and not make it impossible to photograph!  🙂


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