Mastermind Creations Feral Rex Update as of 04.11.14

The third member of Feral Rex (not-Predaking), Leo Dux, has arrived!  To commemorate this occasion I decided instead of reviewing him I would put together Feral Rex thus far.  Who knows if I’ll actually review him since generally once I put together a combiner I just can’t find the will power to take them back apart.  That said, wow, this is one gigantic robot.

Mastermind Creations MMC Feral Rex

He’s very close in height to Fansproject’s Intimidator (not-Menasor) but much much thicker.  Once we get the arms and wings he’s probably going to be close to a foot wide!  According to projected release dates we are still a little ways out.  The oft-delayed R-02 Talon is projected for a second quarter 2014 release, but we’ve seen so many delays with this one that another wouldn’t shock me.  The other arm is R-06 Tigris and she is slated for a September release.

Mastermind Creations MMC Feral Rex

So hopefully by the end of the year we will have a completed Feral Rex.  Mastermind Creations has hit a lot of delays with this set, but it was usually to correct quality issues.  I’d rather they take their time and make the best quality robot anyway so I’m fine with the delays.

Mastermind Creations MMC Feral Rex

The Feral Rex (Predaking) team is as follows:

Talon aka Divebomb – Left Arm (Second quarter 2014)
Tigris aka Rampage – Right Arm (September 2014)
Bovis aka Tantrum – Left Leg (Released)
Fortis  aka Headstrong – Right Leg (Released)
Leo Dux aka Razorclaw – Head and Torso (Released)

Check out the gallery below for some additional shots of Feral Rex thus far:

2 thoughts on “Mastermind Creations Feral Rex Update as of 04.11.14”

  1. This guy is going to be amazing when he’s complete. I don’t keep up with third party stuff too much (I keep telling myself I’ll pick up a copy of Phil Reed’s books, just haven’t done so yet), but I’m always going to be down for some combiners.
    I really hope you get around to doing a review once you have the full set.

    1. Yeah I definitely plan to do a review once everything is complete. I think it just gets monotenous doing every part since often times the legs and arms are pretty much the same figure. Then again I also said that for Menasor and never got around to it … Menasor was a tough one though, took a good 2 – 3 hours to put it all together. Some scary parts I was afraid would break with him. Haven’t run into anything too scary on Feral Rex so far so I feel good about that!

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