S.H. MonsterArts AvP Alien Warrior Review

It’s hard to review an Alien figure.  I have five or six of them from the current NECA line; five of them are just recolored and the other is the “Big Chap.”  I reviewed the first NECA release, and then decided I didn’t have enough to say about the rest to do any more reviews.  Well now I have another Alien to join the family, the Alien Warrior from S.H. MonsterArts!  How could I not have an Alien to go with the Predator from the same line?  He obviously couldn’t fight my NECA Aliens because they tower over him!  So if you bought the Predator then you have to get the Alien … it goes together like a horse and carriage, or something along those lines.

S.H. MonsterArts Alien vs Predator AvP:R Alien Warrior Review

While the Wolf Predator had an arsenal of accessories, the Alien Warrior doesn’t use weapons because their body is basically a weapon.  So your pack-in accessory count is down quite a bit lower than the Predator.  What you do get is six alternate hands, an egg, a chestburster, and a stand.  I guess you could consider the tail an accessory since it isn’t connected in the box, but then again the alien would look pretty silly without it.  The tail is interesting because it is just a series of connected ball joints.  It works pretty well and gives a decent amount of posing freedom, but unlike the bendy material of the NECA versions it won’t always stay in that position.  The tail will also let you know if you’ve bent it too far because the ball joints will disconnect, but they plug back in easily.

S.H. MonsterArts Alien vs Predator AvP:R Alien Warrior Review

As far as the other accessories the hands are welcome and give you plenty of posing options.  The egg is nice as well and looks to be rightly scaled to the figure’s size.  The chestburster is a little bit of a head scratcher for me.  He’s not bad, he just can’t really do much.  It’s made of non-bendy plastic so you can’t pose him.  On top of that he doesn’t balance sitting up, and I tried quite a bit to balance him.  If you want a chestburster leaning up against a wall he works fine, but otherwise he’s not going to do much for you.  The stand is great for display, but you can see from a few of my pictures it clamps around the Alien’s hips and is very visible.  It is, however, a god-send when you want to put the Alien Warrior in extreme poses.

S.H. MonsterArts Alien vs Predator AvP:R Alien Warrior Review

Being a Figuarts (or MonsterArts if you want to be specific) the articulation is amazing.  There are obviously going to be restricted parts since they have to sculpt an actual Alien around the articulation scheme.  However you can get him in to a great amount of poses.  The other nice thing is that you never feel like any of these joints are going to snap on you, so feel free to experiment away!  At worst a joint may pop out of socket, but all you have to do is put it back in.

S.H. MonsterArts Alien vs Predator AvP:R Alien Warrior Review

The details on the figure are mostly sculpt related as the Aliens in the Alien vs Predator films are generally all black with silver shading.  I’m impressed with the head dome, however.  The dome is clear and at certain angles you can see the inside.  What I like is that it’s subtle.  I feel like often times the dome is made too clear, but this one is tinted at just the right shade for my tastes.  The mouth also opens exposing the second jaw.  It actually should not be classified as an Alien toy if it DOESN’T do this, but it does so it fits the bill!

S.H. MonsterArts Alien vs Predator AvP:R Alien Warrior Review

I mentioned it before but it’s worth mentioning again that the Alien Warrior is a very sturdy figure.  I know people have hit and miss luck with the recent NECA Aliens, so if you are willing to pay what amounts to about two NECA Aliens you could try this one.  The nice thing about the MonsterArts figures is they are very easy to get at MSRP which is about $50.  Are they worth it?  If you aren’t some kind of mad man who needs to have an army of fifty then yes!  If you got into MonsterArts with the Godzilla line obviously these won’t be to scale, but they do work well with the most Figuart humans.

Well that review wrapped quick, here have some more pictures as I couldn’t fit them all in the review!

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