Masters of the Universe Day 2014!

Last year we took part in a Masters of the Universe Day effort spearheaded by Dr. Rampageo MD, over at Doomkick.  This year we got the call again, and Masters of the Universe day is a go once more!  More sites will be partaking in the effort, as well as some Instagram folks as well.  I’ll go ahead and list the sites you need to keep an eye on, but first we need a very short history lesson.  In 1987 Los Angeles Mayor declared April 28th “Masters of the Universe Day.”  That’s pretty much the short and long of it.  It only took 25 years for us bloggers to catch on to this and use it as an excuse to post MOTU related stuff.

As I previously mentioned, the effort has been headed by Doomkick but there is a bevy of participating sites:

So check this batch of sites out if you want a Masters of the Universe fix today.  Or go search the tag #MOTUDAY on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
We’ll have a big link rundown of what everyone is doing at the end of the day, but until then … ENJOY!

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