MOTU Day: Top Three MOTUC Figures For 2013!

For Masters of the Universe day I figured instead of just doing another review it might be fun to go back through the Classics line and pick out my favorites!  Now I am well aware this is “Masters of the Universe Day” day and not “Masters of the Universe Classics Day,” but the Classics line is basically what got me back into collecting toys.  Collecting toys was pretty much the result of this site, and for that I apologize to you the reader.

The 2013 year was a very strong MOTUC year with 32 figure releases, Castle Grayskull, and some various weapons paks and stands.  It was also the first year of the “death” of the line.  We started getting the threats that the line was in danger of being cancelled, and we may not get Ram-Man.  I’m sure a lot of it was posturing as we ended up getting a ton of figures throughout the year, and these things are planned well ahead of time.  Anyways the death of the line thing is played out so let’s take a look at our 2013 picks:

[h2]3: Fang Man[/h2]

There were a lot of figures under consideration for this third spot.  A good amount of characters in 2013 I did not have expectations for and ended up being a ton of fun.  Some honorable mentions include Horde Troopers, Batros, Sky-High, and Karatti.  All of them were great figures, but the one that stuck out to me most and I still to this day pull out of tinker around with is Fang Man.


Fang Man is endearing because of his animated dumbfounded looks.  He’s hunched over, eyes looking in every direction, and the tongue is hanging out.  I just want to give the guy a big hug let him know everything is going to be alright!

Besides being a cool looking dude he also came with a bunch of Masters of the Universe “relics.”  This kickstarted the whole thing they currently do where they pack notable accessories that may fit earlier figures with a new release.  Feels good man!


I also did a review of Fang Man way back when, check it out here!

[h2]2: Castle Grayskull[/h2]

I’m well aware it isn’t a figure, but if I had to pay $280 or so to get it I’m gonna put it on my 2013 highlight list!


* I woke up the first morning after this was delivered to my son in my room playing with it.

Castle Grayskull is one of those things I honestly did not expect to be done again.  We have this “tiny” little collector line, and it just seemed like there was no way something like this was justified.  Well obviously somebody at Mattel wanted it.  We ended up enduring a fake Kickstarter-like drive to get it made, and then around the end of the year FedEx showed up at my house late at night with a GIGANTIC box.

Now I do feel like I paid way more than what the thing is worth.  But dammit, it’s Castle Grayskull!


It’s gigantic.  In fact it’s so big I don’t have a place to put it in my display.  However it still makes a great backdrop for pictures.  My kids also love the thing and beg me to pull it out of the storage room at least once a week.  They don’t even use He-Man toys in it half of the time.  They just fill that castle with all kinds of figures and have a blast.  I guess all the complaints seem kind of silly when I look down and see them tinkering with the thing.

[h2]1: Mantenna[/h2]

I’m sure a lot of people put Ram-Man as their highlight of 2013, and I’m glad he scratched that itch for so many.  I can’t deny I was excited to get him as well, but once I did get him it felt like I was just crossing out a name from a checklist.  I didn’t get the joy from him that I got from Mantenna.


* – Cute convention up in here!

Mantenna was a figure that even before it was announced I was assuming Mattel would try to cost cut.  I’ve never been so happy to be proven wrong.  Mantenna came out about as perfect as can be.  All four legs were fully articulated, and his entire body was pretty much a new sculpt.  Paint applications were all properly placed, and the figure just looked fantastic.  The only nitpick I ever had was with his mouth, but I can’t blame them because it’s based off of the source material.  The nice thing was that the removable eye feature also let you remove the mouth, so I fixed my personal issue with the mouth.

If I had to do a top five figures of the Classics line thus far Mantenna would easily be there.  He wouldn’t be top because nothing yet has beaten Fisto, but he’s easily a top three figure in the line.

I did a nice review of Mantenna right here.

4 thoughts on “MOTU Day: Top Three MOTUC Figures For 2013!”

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter (probably).

    I read quite a bit of stuff online and don’t always comment. I mostly have nothing much to add. Also my laptop is well and truly on its way out, so even writing what I have thus far has taken me at least 12 minutes of lag time. #firstworldproblems

    I guess what I’m trying to say is: I’ve decided to buck the trend, and, for this special day, I’m gonna grace your site with my commenting presence. Fun for you.

    These pics are all great. I actually LOLIRL (Laughed Out Loud In Real Life) at the one where Fang Man was licking Icer. Oh, the He-manity!

    I also agree wholeheartedly that Fang Man and Mantenna are both tonnes of fun. And Castle Grayskull? What else is there to say? It’s the coup de grace of one of the greatest toy lines of all time. And without sounding creepy, it actually makes me all kinds of happy to see ACTUAL children playing with Castle Grayskull.

    There is hope for your planet yet.

    Happy MOTU Day, indeed.

    yr pal,


    1. First of all I am quite honored that I get a comment from Hoardax! This is truly a great MOTU day.

      Funny thing with the Castle is since it is so big I can’t display it so if I didn’t have the kids it would just sit in storage. But I pull it out for them,especially when I want to get work done and they love it. They know nothing about He-Man past the Castle but they love that thing. Usually they grab NA He-Man and a bunch of random Sesame Street dudes and go to town, haha.

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