MOTU Day: Top Three MOTUC Figures For 2012!

Ah, 2012, seems like only two years ago!  It was also the first year I subscribed so thank you so much for the Shadow Weaver.  I can honestly say in retrospect that I’m glad I subscribed for that year because there are quite a few figures that have ridiculous after market prices now.  Sure most of them were due to Mattel mistakes, but Shadow Weaver does hold her own as being the most expensive subscription figure to date.

Some other cool things went down in 2012 such as the 30th anniversary subscription.  This was a six figure subscription headed off with Fearless Photog, the original fan design contest winner that never got made, and then bookended Castle Grayskullman who won the contest that year.  In between were some figures made by people theoretically involved with the Masters of the Universe Classics line.  The 30th Anniversary subscription was a bit of a lightning rod for opinions, as everyone had a different idea as to what it SHOULD have been.  I think very few people expected what it ended up being.  I enjoyed it but I’m a big fan of concept characters.

The year also wasn’t without its pains.  It was hard for the folks at Mattel to shut up to us about the economics of making figures.  Paint costs a lot, making figures costs a lot, price increases are incoming, etc.  We heard it all.  Then we started to see how they planned to cut costs.  Figures like Horde Prime got hit pretty hard with “cost saving measurements.”  Horde Prime is still a great figure, but going from prototype to finishes product he lost a lot of paint and accessories.  Other figures got the same treatment, and then Mattel started using cheaper black plastic and painting over it.  This didn’t go over well and ended up getting phased out pretty quick.  See, the fan’s complaints aren’t always completely crazy!

So lets see the highlights from 2012:

[h2]3: Cy-Chop[/h2]

Cy-Chop?  Why?

As far as the 30th anniversary goes, Cy-Chop is the most Masters of the Universe, Masters of the Universe figure in the set.  He’s strange and has a mix of odd parts from prior figures.  He also has a weird back story.  He’s fun as hell to play around with, and since I messed around with him so much I decided he’s the type to walk using his giant pincers and it made him that much cooler to me.


It’s cool when you get those classic figures updated, but nothing beats getting an awesome brand new character.

Stinkor gets an honorable mention, but they really screwed the guy on his accessory paint applications.

I did do a review of Cy-Chop, and I’d like to say my photography skills and set up have slightly improved since that time.

[h2]2: Horde Prime[/h2]

Yeah he got hit hard with the budget cuts, but it doesn’t matter he’s a highlight of the year.  Horde Prime is another new creation for the Classics line.  He came with two heads; one comic/cartoon inspired and the other a mystery.  I had to get two so I could display one hooded and the other with the comic head.  Not only does he look amazing there are any number of ways to display him, and I’m a big sucker for options!


My review of Horde Prime can be gotten here.

[h2]1: Fisto[/h2]

Fisto is probably my favorite Masters of the Universe Classics figure ever made.  He embodies what I consider to be what the Classics line should be for every figure.  Unless major sculpting changes need to happen, every figure should enable you to display them as either their vintage or modern design (or anything in between as well).  The figure goes a step further because they included the gigantic sword that got cut from the 200x figure.


Sometimes it’s just the simple things.  They did nothing wrong with Fisto … actually that’s not fair, they did everything exactly right with him.  He’s a great figure, THE greatest figure in the Classics line and he ages like a fine wine.  I can’t think of anything that could usurp his crown as the best figure either.  I’d love to be surprised though!

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