Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Goat Man Review

Masters of the Universe Classics typically gets a couple of exclusives throughout the year.  San Diego Comic Convention gets its own figure (or figure set) and then the smaller conventions like Power Con, Grayskull Con, and New York Comic Con get another typically single packed figure.  Much like last year with Strobo, this year they offered Goat Man during the subscriber-only early access period in April.  Unlike Strobo last year the figure was not up for a total of ten seconds.  He lasted on the site almost an hour, so most people who didn’t forget about the sale completely got one.

Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Goat Man Review Exclusive

I was still recovering from the post-traumatic stress of last year’s sellout, so I mashed a couple in my cart and was done.  Had I known he would stick around as long as he did I probably would have thrown one of those Loo-Kee and Kowl packs as well.  Alas I wasn’t going to make a second order and pay more shipping, so Goat Man made his merry way to my house.

Masters of the Universe Classics – Goat Man
Release Date: 04/14/2014 (Early Access/Travelling Convention Exclusive)
Price: $27.00
Title: Horn-Headed Servant of Beast Man

Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Goat Man Review Exclusive

I don’t usually give the bios a read, but I really had no clue who this guy was so I had no choice!  Goat Man is of a race, get this, G’hoat men.  And furthermore these G’hoat men are the only “intelligent” beings who can be hypnotized by the Beast Men.  Thus old Klacky’s title of “Horn-Headed Servant of Beast Man.”  We all know what kind of creepy stuff goes down with Skeletor and Beast Man, so I can only imagine the horrors that Klacky endures on a daily basis.  This is also why at certain angles his face looks like he’s really sad.  I’m depressed for the guy having to be Beast Man’s man-servant.

Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Goat Man Review Exclusive

So enough about Goat Man’s personal life.  The figure is pretty fun, but one thing stands out to me the most.  He has the coolest looking hammer that I have seen in any line, let alone Masters of the Universe Classics.  One thing the line is not very consistent on is accessory deco.  Sometimes you have to deal with a bright orange spear without a single paint application.  Then there are times like this where they really come to the plate and make a damn nice looking hammer.  The hammer is thick, solid, and has a nice steel-brushed look to it.  Geldor has been looking over to Goat Man with envy, disappointed in the snow shovel he was packed with.

Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Goat Man Review Exclusive

The nice thing is that the hammer isn’t even the only accessory he comes with.  The Emerald Staff of Avion is also included as well.  Wait didn’t we get the Staff of Avion with Icer?  That’s a different version.  The Icer staff is Filmation inspired, while the one included with Goat Man is from the mini comics.  This emerald version also has the advantage of a handle, so that Stratos can actually hold the thing!

Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Goat Man Review Exclusive

Goat Man is a typical Classics release with a few new parts but a good amount of reuse.  His upper legs, wrists, head, and armor are new.  Something I don’t believe we’ve had to deal with in a good amount of time is loose ankles, but oddly enough the right ankle on mine came pretty loose out of the package.  It could have just been luck of the draw, but I have heard of at least one other person with the same problem.  His armor is still bulky as well, but that’s an expected problem we’ve been dealing with for a while now.

Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Goat Man Review Exclusive

Goat Man is another one of those oddball characters that are in a way lovable.  He really is something that only works in Masters of the Universe being a human with a big red goat (I guess) face.  Sure he has the horns, but if I ever saw a goat with that head I would be horrified.  If you aren’t a subscriber or just missed out on the original sale you will have a few opportunities to obtain him this year.  He should be sold at Power Con which is later this year in New York, Castle Grayskull Con which is in Germany (I believe), New York Comic Con in October, and then typically they have an end of the year sale on the site.  If you can’t wait one can always be had here.

Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Goat Man Review Exclusive

I must say though it is very nice to have that convention exclusive out-of-the-way so early in the year!  Now I can buy other things at NYCC!


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  1. Great review bud! Love that pic of beasty with the swirl eyes! I’m with you on being pumped to not have to wait til NYCC for him, but I’ll likely buy one for the buck and spare hammer anyway

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