SDCC 2014: NECA Ahab Predator Exclusive Revealed

There he is, NECA’s Predator San Diego Comic Convention 2014 exclusive, the “Ahab” Predator.  More details such as pricing and availability as we get it, but enjoy this first look at the Ahab Predator that will be NECA’s SDCC exclusive.  Do you plan to seek out this white whale for your Predator collection?

UPDATE:  Price will be $30 and the Ahab Predator is limited to 5,000 pieces.  Check out the updated gallery of images:

The Ahab Predator is another addition to the impossibly large collection of Predators NECA has put out at this point.  Don’t forget the 8-bit NES style Predator is also shipping this month, and two new waves are on the way if you want to read about them here.

The Ahab Predator will join Mego Super Freddy, the Pacific Rim three-pack, and two exclusive Marvel/DC scaler sets for SDCC this year.  Be sure to check out our checklist for ALL 2014 SDCC exclusives as we are constantly updating the damn thing!


2 thoughts on “SDCC 2014: NECA Ahab Predator Exclusive Revealed”

  1. I would love to add this guy to my ranks of predators, but don’t want to pay the prices I’m sure he’ll pull in on ebay. Even if I saw him in the store for $30 I’d have a hard time pulling the trigger, so I doubt I’ll ever own this one.

    1. Personally I think I’m just burnt out on Predators at this point. I have a bunch of stuff (mostly Marvel Legends) I want to get at SDCC and I think this and the Pacific Rim set are just going to have to be a pass.

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