3A: Weighted Companion Square

I’m sure every collector goes through “must have” items that are fairly hard to track down.  I’ve been trying to build on my ThreeA Valve collection, and this little guy just continued to elude me.  I found a lot of people selling the code he came with, but the actual figure was tough to lock down for a decent price.  Well as of a couple of weeks ago I made a deal with a very nice fellow from Singapore and today the little guy arrived!  The Weighted Companion Square is mine, and I couldn’t be happier!

ThreeA 3A Weighted Companion Square Portal

The Weighted Companion Square is a bit of a mashup between the Portal series’ Companion Cube and ThreeA’s World War Robot Squares.  It was offered as an exclusive from San Diego Comic Convention in 2012.  The figure comes boxed in Portal branding, and like most Valve releases is accompanied with an unlock code for a TF2 Companion Cube item.  I don’t really play TF2 anymore so the included code wasn’t a big deal to me.

This is my first 3A Square and I’m very happy with it.  I’m so happy in fact that I will most likely get the Mighty Square version of the Companion Cube if it ever actually comes out.  In the last Ashley Wood Q&A he hinted at a release of one:

[blockquote]Q: I like the Valve companion Square, wondering if any possible to make Valve Companion Mighty Square?
A: OK[/blockquote]

Seems reasonable enough!

ThreeA 3A Weighted Companion Square Portal

So the square is a pretty simple design.  The main section of the square is painted like a Portal Companion Cube.  It has a face with rust dripping out of its eyes and mouth.  There are Aperture Laboratories stamps on different sections of the body.  His articulation is pretty simple: the legs have a ball joint at the hips and swivel knees.  There appear to be (and it wouldn’t surprise me) phallic undertones related to the cog between his legs.  Afterall this is an Ashley Wood creation!  Our little Companion Square stands up fine on his own, so much so that I trust him standing on my desk (I kick it … a lot).

The long and short of it is that I got something I’ve wanted a while, it’s kind of old, and I wanted an excuse to post up some pictures.  I guess this counts as a review?  Eh, doesn’t matter.  Love the square, can’t wait for more of them.




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