Mattel MOTUC Double Mischief (Double Trouble) Review

I haven’t done a particularly good job of covering Masters of the Universe Classics reviews this year.  Being that we are less than a week out from San Diego Comic Con and the big Mattycollector reveals I’m feeling a little excitement towards MOTUC!  So since Double Mischief shipped separate from my normal sub this month (yes, apparently after five years they still can’t figure out how to make that first month combine) I got her a bit early.  She’s interesting.  Depending on your tolerance for women with double chins Double Mischief may require some slight modification.  The choice is yours and yours alone, let’s take a look at her …

Masters of the Universe Classics – Double Mischief
Release Date: 07/15/2014 (Club Etheria Monthly Subscription)
Price: $25.00 ($27.00 non sub)
Title: Glamorous Double Agent


Double Mischief leads off 2014’s Princess of Power mini-sub.  Her lead off position puts her in the same company as figures like Icer and Fearless Photog; true elite status.  Unlike the past mini-subscriptions this Etheria subscription has a club exclusive figure (Light Hope) and a slightly more expensive figure ($30 as opposed to $25) that has yet to be revealed.

Mattel MOTUC Masters of the Universe Classics Double Mischief Review

Now Double Mischief wasn’t always her name.  Originally she was called Double Trouble, but I’ll assume that Mattel lost the trademark on that moniker so she’ll forever be Double Mischief going forward.  It’s a shame too because Double Trouble rhymed and was fun, while Double Mischief sounds like a name assigned to an unlicensed or third-party version of the character.  So Double Mischief it is.  RIP Double Trouble.

The first thing to get past if you want to appreciate Double Mischief is that she is a gimmick action figure.  Her gimmick, or action feature, will restrict her from moving her head around.  The best you will be able to do is have her facing forward or looking slightly to the side.  Since her head is on a spinning swivel she isn’t going to be able to look up or down unless she leans forward or backwards.  Before I discuss the action feature any further it may help to explain why her head spins around.  Double Mischief is a spy of sorts.  She works for the Great Rebellion with a Faker-like ability to disguise herself as the Horde by switching to her “evil” face.  Eternians are apparently complete gullible idiots.

The designers for Masters of the Universe Classics love making their figures fat.  We’ve seen a handful of figures this year needlessly overweight due to their overlays.  Is it impossible to make the female body look fat?  Well they took their best stab at it by giving Double Mischief a giant choker around her neck.  Combined with the two-headed gimmick it makes her look like she has a double chin.  Double Mischief?  Double Chin?  The joke has been done to death already.

Mattel MOTUC Masters of the Universe Classics Double Mischief Review

I couldn’t even wait until after I completed the review to attempt and correct this.  The options were either to carve away the extra neck, or just paint it black and let it blend into the darkness of her hood.  After examining the construction of the neck painting it seemed to be the better option because even if I cut up the neck the connector would still be showing.  I’m satisfied with the result and would recommend doing so with either paint or a black marker because it really does slim her face out.

Mattel MOTUC Masters of the Universe Classics Double Mischief Review

I really want to like her hair.  It’s a great sculpt and differentiates her from the other women in my MOTUC display.  The only problem with it is that it has to be at her side because otherwise it brings her off-balance.  I suppose I can take solace in that I’m getting a set of stackable stands with my 2015 Club Eternia subscription.  So maybe when those arrive I can do some more daring poses with her.  Daring poses of her looking forward of course!

Mattel MOTUC Masters of the Universe Classics Double Mischief Review

Double Mischief has a lot of factors working against her, but I’m still going to endorse her.  She’s different and in a line where males and females generally look that same that counts for something.  It certainly wasn’t the ideal implementation of the Man-E-Faces gimmick, but with a little bit of paint it isn’t terrible.  She also came in the “Club Etheria” subscription, an optional line of figures from the She-Ra/Princess of Power universe.  I knew what I was getting into when I subscribed.  Was she worth the $40 I had to spend because Mattel can’t figure out how to combine subs on the first month?  No, not really.  But had she been combined with my order I’d consider her a fine value.

Double Mischief is sold out on Matty’s site, but you can grab her online at Amazon.


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