NECA TF2 Series 3 Spy Review

Our NECA Team Fortress 2 coverage continues (and abruptly ends) with the other half of the third wave, the Spy.  The Spy is an interesting character in-game because he has quite a few crazy abilities depending on how you load him out.  His biggest draw is the ability to impersonate anyone on the opposite team giving him the advantage of sneaking behind and backstabbing them.  There is nothing worse than being on the receiving end of that instant kill and then seeing the switch blade icon next to your name.  I KNEW we didn’t have two Medics on our team …

The Spy comes packed with his basic load out of a revolver, switch blade, and “electro-sapper” sapper charge.  He also includes a more closed left hand which can hold the switch blade and maybe the handle of his sapper unit.  The in-game Spy is generally shown as right-handed so it may have made more sense to give the closed hand to the right side.  A two-fingered smoking posed hand would have been cool for the left, but he would have needed double elbows to reach his face anyway.

On the subject of his cigarette it would be easy for me to say having the option to remove it would be nice.  However, I lost my Duke Nukem cigar a couple of weeks after owning him.  I know the same would happen with the Spy.  I made the mistake of pulling my Jungle Extraction Dutch’s cigar out (you aren’t supposed to do that) and that thing blends right into my carpet.  Poor Dutch!

Our friend the Spy has teeny tiny legs and feet.  As we’ve previously seen with figures like the Pyro this can end up causing some serious problems.  NECA played it pretty smart on the Spy by dropping the extra toe articulation on the foot.  He has small feet but they are also long which help him keep his center of balance.  Had they put a toe joint this guy would be falling over himself left and right.

The paint on my Spy is pretty strong.  When picking him out at the store I did have to pass over a few others that had some of his neck red bleeding into his collar.  But otherwise between him and Engineer this is easily the best wave as far as clean paint applications.  His suit’s pin-striping turned out fantastic.  Similar to the Engineer however his 5 o’clock shadow is applied a little bit thicker than I would prefer.  It should probably at least be slightly lighter above the lips.

NECA Valve TF2 Team Fortress 2 Spy Review

NECA did a great job bringing the Spy to life.  It pains me to say this because I hate the character in the game (oh, I just realized my favorite and least favorite characters are both in the wave … how odd!) but they definitely did him justice.  If you are a Spy fan this is certainly a great figure to own.  You can grab him on Amazon right now, or if you want to take your chances Toys R Us has been stocking their shelves as well … but then you have to support Toys R Us.  Tough choice, I know!

NECA Valve TF2 Team Fortress 2 Spy Review

The Spy’s included code unlocks a Genuine Backbiter’s Billycock.

Our yearly NECA Team Fortress 2 reviews come to an end again.  I hope to have more to report on from San Diego Comic Convention next week.  Of course I imagine we will have the blue variants to look forward to a little later in the year … which I’m not sure if anyone actually buys since I still see the first series hanging on my local FYE’s pegs.  I do buy them but don’t review them since I keep the BLU team in the card.

NECA Valve TF2 Team Fortress 2 Spy Review


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