NECA SDCC Exclusive Ahab Predator Review

From various Facebook groups and forums I often hear the complaint that all NECA does is Predator figures.  While, yes, they have made quite a number of them I don’t think the over-saturation is as bad as people’s perception.  Hell, the last Predator review I did was back in March for the Wasp Predator!  So it’s been a good four months since I’ve seen (or at least reviewed) a new Predator.  San Diego Comic Convention is always a great time to put out a new Predator since they are usually low on the new tooling.  This year they picked a Predator from an upcoming Dark Horse comic, the Ahab Predator.

So we are now at the point where we are getting action figures of Predator stories that have yet to be told!  Ahab is going to be the main character in “Fire and Stone,” a new comic series from Dark Horse coming in October 2014.  We don’t really know too much about him, but the bio on the back of his packaging explains that the Ahab name is not a coincidence. He shares similar motivations to Ahab, the captain from Moby Dick.

Ahab is the usual Jungle Hunter body up to the neck.  He has a pretty large alien skull chained around his neck and an all new head.  While this sounds a bit boring it isn’t because his new head is pretty amazing.  It’s also the first head in NECA’s Predator line that has a removable mask.  The detail work on his face is outstanding.  The scars where his eyes should be made him look like the Nemesis from Resident Evil.  I totally would have loved to take pictures of him and Nemesis, but I sold off my Resident Evil collection a few years back (I miss that Palisades Nemesis figure terribly).

One of the things I like about the Predator line is that if I don’t have an action figure of a character like Nemesis, I can just use a Predator to fill that space.  Ahab has taken my Nemesis spot.  The upcoming Enforcer Predator will officially become my NECA TMNT Shredder.  And with that I ran out of examples.

So back to that helmet.  Yep, we finally have a Predator with a removable mask.  It snaps in tightly and stays put; it looks great on him.  They also put in the extra effort to actually paint the inside of the helmet as the eye ports are painted red.  He comes with a unique spear-staff which I managed to break the end off of shortly after opening the figure.  I can’t hold my breakage issue against the figure.  It was slightly warped (again because of me because I’m a maniac opening action figures) so I pushed it way to hard in the other direction and it just snapped off.  It was a pretty clean break though so the spear still looks fine, just slightly shorter.

Besides snapping the spear the only other thing to keep an eye out for is the head.  It pops off very easy, and I’m going to assume this is intentional?  Either way it’s fine because it pops right back and then stays without a problem.  You’ll really only ever pull it off if trying to move the head to far to a side, or when trying to pull the helmet off.

NECA Predator SDCC 2014 Ahab Predator Review

Being a SDCC exclusive he was only available at the actual show, or limited flash sales on NECA’s online store.  I don’t think he will be as hard to get as last year’s Albino Predator.  The Albino finished a team so he had a few additional factors leading to his rarity.  Ahab is more of a standalone figure.  He’s pretty cool though, so it’s always possible he could reach that Albino level of rarity and price.  If you need one your best bet is eBay or Amazon.

NECA Predator SDCC 2014 Ahab Predator Review


2 thoughts on “NECA SDCC Exclusive Ahab Predator Review”

  1. Nightstorm Predator had a removable mask too — and I had the exact same problem with his head too, though I haven’t really heard any other reports of the same issue from others.

    Ahab Preadtor looks great! I would love to get hold of one but he’s already on the expensive side unfortunately.

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