Transformers Generations Roadbuster

Transformers Generations Roadbuster Review

Another Wrecker for the ranks?  Yes please!

It’s probably about time to hit the Targets again and wade through the pool of Whirls and Springers since a new wave of Voyager class robots are starting to hit.  Roadbuster and Sky-Byte make up the second wave of Hasbro’s 2014 Transformers Generations line.  It’s a bit of a crapshoot to find him since most store’s shelves are bursting with prior waves, but to see something different in that mix is pretty magical.  I considered getting Sky-Byte, but in the end passed because he feels like the type of Transformer I will end up throwing in a bin a few months down the line.

Roadbuster, on the other hand, is one I will display.  Being a Wrecker helps because he gets to be part of a team, but he is also a pretty good-looking robot.  On top of that he has the advantage of coming with a ton of weapons.  I made the mistake of letting a small child play with him prior to this review and he managed to lose half of them.  Thus proving that children should not be trusted to play with toys.  Toys should only be handled carefully and by middle-aged men and women.

He comes with one of the things I hate most in this world: stickers.  I was going to go the route I usually follow and not apply any of them, but he came with a Wrecker symbol and that just threw my whole life into chaos.  I can’t not have a Wrecker sticker on his chest if the choice is available to me!  So I caved and attempted to apply the symbol to his chest.  It went about as I expected and I put it on uneven.  I had to peel it off and it now has a little crease on the top left corner.  Applied again and it was still off.  Peeled it off and the crease got larger.  Third time was a charm!

Now I have a Roadbuster with a Wrecker decal.  It’s the last decal on that giant sheet I will ever attempt to apply on him.

Roadbuster comes packaged in robot mode and looks pretty good that way.  The biggest things working against this mode is the positioning of his tires and the hollowness of his lower legs.  He comes transformed incorrectly because the instructions state the tires should be folded in.  However when you fold them in there is some overlap of the leg, so he ends up with tires sticking out of the inside of his lower leg.  It’s not the worst thing in the world, but he needs to spread his legs a bit to stand.  While the hollowness looks slightly cheap it does help allow his feet to hold just about any position since they have plenty of room to move around.

The other negative is that his forearms have no articulation.  Looking at the way he is built it probably could have been easy enough to put at least a swivel at his wrist.  He has so much articulation from his shoulder to his elbow it just makes the forearm and hand look cheap in comparison.  There is also a very small metal peg holding the part that connects to his shoulders.  I’ve heard of people breaking theirs already even though mine has held up so far.  However mine does already have stress marks on it which is worrying.  It’s probably best to be extremely careful when transforming him, and also to not push down too hard when sticking parts into his shoulder sockets.

Transformers Generations Roadbuster

On the positive side I think that Roadbuster turned out really good-looking.  He’s very easy to pose which is aided by his giant feet and their extremely large range of motion.  The stackable guns as well as all the places you can plug them into his body is a great gimmick.  That similar feature was what made the Transformers 4 movie version of Hound so much fun.  His transformation is also ridiculously easy.

Transformers Generations Roadbuster

Roadbuster is starting to show up at Targets, Walmarts, and other stores of that ilk that carry transforming robots.  You also always have the option of grabbing him online if need be.  Wreck and rule my friends, wreck and rule!


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