Marvel Legends X-Men Infinite Series Storm Review

I can’t keep track of what Storm everybody wants these days.  At one point we were teased with a first appearance (Giant Sized X-Men #1) version of the character for a Toyfare fan poll.  Storm could have been the fan’s choice.  She wasn’t.

They chose Sunfire.

Proving that fans should never be trusted to choose action figure line ups, or write fiction for your favorite franchises.  A fan’s place is squarely on the consumer end and their influence should not extend further than that.

So we may never actually see that Toyfare Storm come out, but Hasbro did us a solid in their latest X-Men themed Marvel Legends wave and gave us the next best thing: the Marvel Now version.  I sincerely mean that because the Now version has a great design.  It’s very minimalist and pulls off the mohawk look.  We got one mohawked Storm back in Toybiz’s eighth Marvel Legends wave, but it was a chase and not the greatest sculpt in the world.  Toybiz really had issues with female figures.  Hasbro seems to have it down pretty well at this point if the character is not Emma Frost.

The Toys “R” Us exclusive X-Men wave isn’t hard to find these days, however, Storm and to a lesser extent Magneto are.  So building that Jubilee build-a-figure can be a bit tricky if you are missing those two.  Magneto only comes with an arm, but Storm has almost 75% of Jubilee’s body packed in with her: the entire lower body, torso, and jacket.

Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men Infinite Storm

I’m a huge fan of the Hasbro female body.  However, I am not a fan of trying to get them to stand for pictures.  Storm would not cooperate with me at all!  I set my camera on a five second timer, and by the time it would hit three she would be down again.  Luckily she is the type of character that works well with a flying stand, and that most likely is what she will propped up with in my display.  Unfortunately, Storm isn’t the only Hasbro female I have issues trying to get to stand; Black Widow and Gamora share the same trait.

Storm has a soft-goods cape which is a rarity in the Marvel Legends universe.  I’d suggest being careful when pulling her out of her plastic tray because it is very easy to stress the material.  If you look closely to the pictures I took you can see the parts of her cape that I ended up creasing because I’m an impatient toy opener.  It’s implemented rather well with the middle section tucked into her waist and rings attached to her arms.  The rings make it so you can adjust where the cape will hang from her arms; it’s a very nice touch.

I’m sure the soft material could fray over time, but it is certainly better than a giant plastic cape that would end up making it even more impossible for her to stand.

Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men Infinite Storm

I already praised the body enough so instead I’ll mention the head.  This is a great head sculpt which doesn’t require a lot of paint, but where the paint is applied looks great.  I’m sure it helps that her eyes have no pupils.  This makes it impossible for the factory to give her the old derpy eyes previous figures like Captain America had.

Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men Infinite Storm

Storm has a few small issues, but she is easily the best figure in this X-Men themed Marvel Legends wave.  She’s also almost impossible to find without a little luck on your side.  If you feel like you have wasted enough gas searching her out, Amazon does have her in stock at a bit of a mark up.  She’s worth your time and money.  Not only because she completes Jubilee, but because she is a stunning rendition of Storm.

If only i still had my ECW action figures then she could finally be reunited with her true love …

Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men Infinite Storm



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