Funko Legacy Game of Thrones S2 Khal Drogo Review

I’m in dangerous territory here today deciding to take my chances with Funko’s Legacy figures again.  In case you missed my first experience feel free to check it out here.  I bought into the first wave of their Game of Thrones line (that I was legitimately excited for) only to have the first two I opened break apart on me in a matter of days.  I returned them and vowed to most likely never buy another Funko Legacy figure again.  That vow didn’t last very long considering I walked into Barnes and Noble today only to discover the second wave sitting on the shelf.

I can admit it, I’m weak.

I didn’t get the whole wave though.  I decided to dip my toe into the pool again and just get the two that looked good: Khal Drogo and Jaime Lannister.  I feel like the likeness of Daenerys is still off, Arya is decent but my Hound was returned, and I could care less about Robb Stark.  Oh, and Brienne from Tarth wasn’t there, but I’d rather have a handless Jaime if I was to get her.

I was a bit nervous when opening these guys.  They certainly are a step above the first series as far as detail and likenesses go.  But did Funko learn from its mistakes on the first series?  Will I actually get to review Jaime, or will he be going back before that can happen?

Funko Legacy Wave 2 Khal Drogo Review

So far everything has been fine.  Drogo has a slightly limited but decent articulation scheme very similar to NECA’s Dutch figures.  All of the points of articulation move fine after shedding the paint that was applied over the joints.  Some take a little extra effort, so I would suggest maybe putting the figure under a light to loosen up the plastic a bit if your joints have a lot of paint over them.  When the actual joint is exposed I’m relieved to report they no longer used the clear material that the first series had.  The joints are all solid plastic and feel much stronger.  Quality control was my biggest concern going into this second wave, and it appears that Funko has indeed improved.

Funko Legacy Wave 2 Khal Drogo Review

Drogo is a very detailed figure and Funko did not cut corners when it came to paint.  Other companies like Hasbro and Mattel love to use tan plastic for skin tones in order to avoid using additional deco, but it never really looks right.  Funko took the painting approach for the flesh and it really helps show off a very solid sculpt.  The paint isn’t perfect as there is some slop in certain areas where the skin meets his beard or hair, but for the most part it’s very well done.  The tattoos look great.  He does have a wonky right eye that I’ll eventually need to fix when I get some white paint.  Wandering eyes aren’t uncommon these days, and usually I try to choose the best one on the shelf but the Barnes and Noble I was at only had one Drago.

Khal has a very good articulation scheme that is typical for a movie/television based figure.  Since he is supposed to be a warrior I think he would have benefitted from a pair of bicep swivels in order to hit some more dramatic poses.  The elbows are also pretty limited due to his forearm wraps, so he can’t even bend them at a 90 degree angle.  He does benefit from the fact that he looks pretty imposing just standing with his arms at his sides.  I think Funko had him sculpted around this pose as well.  Drago scales very well with Daenerys but looks small compared to Jaime Lannister in the same wave.  Since in the show neither Jaime or Drago ever cross paths its hard to tell if the scaling is correct.  I guess if Daenarys ever stops shitting in a field we may eventually solve this mystery … but not today at least.

Funko Legacy Wave 2 Khal Drogo Review

Despite some slightly limited articulation I have to give a thumbs up to Khal Drogo.  He’s a pretty solid representation of a very popular character from the show.  I’d say your best bet to get ahold of him would be to check your local Barnes and Noble store where the figures come to about $20 each.  If you don’t have a book store near you Amazon is always an option as well.  I’ll be messing around with him and Jaime the next couple days and will definitely update if any breakage occurs.  As of now though the figure feels MUCH more solid than the releases in the first series.  So you can feel slightly better about grabbing these guys if you got burned by series one.

Funko Legacy Wave 2 Khal Drogo Review

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