NYCC 2014: NECA Pacific Rim and Godzilla

I think combining Pacific Rim and Godzilla makes perfect sense.  Any objections to this?  Good!

This was probably what I was looking forward to most from NECA this year.  After a slightly rough start I am loving the Pacific Rim line and want to take in each and every single Jaeger and Kaiju NECA is willing to sell me.  Although we didn’t get any actual new reveals at NYCC this year, we did get to see some more final painted prototypes.  In addition we now have a preview of the new “deluxe” Kaiju box going forward.  We have a few figures dropping on us this month:

NYCC 2014 NECA Pacific Rim

Jaeger Series 4 due out in October (and looks to be shipping to retailers now):
Gipsy Danger 2.0 with boat, alternate hands, and wrist swords
Tacit Ronin

NYCC 2014 NECA Pacific Rim

Toys “R” Us Exclusive Clean Knifehead due in October (again it looks as though TRU will have him any day)
Concept Axehead due in October (shipping to retailers either now or soon)
18″ Cherno Alpha

So we have five (four if you only collect 7″ scale) figures scheduled for October and even more coming for the rest of the year into 2015!

NYCC 2014 NECA Pacific Rim

Jaeger Series 5 due in December 2014:
Romeo Blue
Battle Damaged Gipsy Danger

NYCC 2014 NECA Pacific Rim

Deluxe Otachi due in January 2105

NYCC 2014 NECA Pacific Rim

On to Godzilla, one of NECA’s newer but very exciting licenses.  NECA had three new figures to show off: 1985 Godzilla, Burning Godzilla (a redeco of the recently released 1994/95 version), and the 1954 Original Godzilla.  I have to admit I am really impressed with how the 1954 Godzilla turned out.  He won’t be out until Spring of 2015, but they certainly are on the right track with that one.  The burning variant came as no surprise as I almost expected it after the 1994 version was released.

Enjoy a nice gallery of additional shots of Pacific Rim and Godzilla from NECA’s NYCC 2014 booth:


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