NYCC 2014: Third Party Transformers

NYCC did have a couple of third-party Transformers on display thanks to Lunar Toy Store.  They had both old and new official and unofficial Transformers on display at their booth, but I’ll mostly focus on the ones that have not yet seen release.  And even then my main focus on Fans Toys second masterpiece scaled figure: Soar (not-Swoop).

So on the top row we have from right to left: Master Made SDF1 Makuros, Fans Toys Soar, and a custom painted MP-10 Optimus and trailer.

NYCC 2014 Third Party Transformers

On the second row down we have Keith’s Fantasy Club (or KFC) original Citizen Stack (not-MP Ultra Magnus), the repainted E.A.V.I. Dai Commander Stack, and Transistor (not-MP Blaster).

NYCC 2014 Third Party Transformers

On the bottom we have the UFO Optimus Weapons Ring.

NYCC 2014 Third Party Transformers

I mainly focused on Soar because I can’t wait for the next Fans Toys MP scaled release.  However KFC’s Transistor looks REALLY good!  But myself and others have not had great experiences with KFC overall.  They also seem to be taking a lot of cues from the Masterpiece Soundwave’s engineering … so could an official Blaster be in the future?  Anyways, credit where credit is due Transistor does look very nice and if Unique Toys can gradually improve their quality control I’m sure KFC can do the same.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures I took of Lunar’s display, and go visit them online if you want since they provided me with a little joy in seeing these.


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