NYCC 2014: NECA Devil May Cry Deluxe Dante

Prior to the convention NECA had hinted on their twitter account that they had found a way to make a previously cancelled figure work and would be showing it at NYCC.  The speculation at first was endless because NECA has a pretty robust library of prototyped figures that never made it to production for any number or reasons.  The guesses were all over the place: Prometheus’ Shaw, something from the third Gremlins series, Bioshock Infinite’s Handyman, Samara from The Ring?  I was really hoping it was going to be Kitai from After Earth.  I was wrong.

The figure ended up being a pretty damn good one, Dante from Devil May Cry!

NYCC 2014 NECA Devil May Cry Dante Deluxe

Dante was originally revealed back in 2008 through Toyfare magazine.  For unknown reasons things never worked out, and the gorgeous prototype never saw production.  I actually believe I have that copy of Toyfare in a storage bin at my parent’s house, so I think I’ll go try to dig it out this weekend for the hell of it!  So NECA has decided that the original Dante is worth pursuing and a deluxe fully articulated figure will be released in January 2015.  Dante is planned to include over thirty points of articulation and be loaded with accessories.  Sounds good, I’m in.

NYCC 2014 NECA Devil May Cry Dante Deluxe

And in case you are asking if this opens the floodgates for other Devil May Cry merchandise … probably not.  Just enjoy this one.


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