NYCC 2014: NECA Alien and Predator

I was very excited to see NECA was going to exhibit at New York Comic Con this year.  Mostly because I collect a lot of their stuff and since I don’t go to SDCC, Toy Fair is my only other option for seeing live NECA reveals.  NECA was located in “The Block” with a double-sided glass case display.  In the middle they were selling their SDCC exclusives and also hosting signings from The Misfits and Bret Hart.

There weren’t too many surprises from the Alien and Predator front this year.  We did get to see the prototypes of both of the Ripley figures that will be featured in the fifth Alien series.  The Alien Queen was also on display in what looks like her close to final state, and she looks really nice.  The Dog Alien on display looks to be a more close to production sample, and it turned out great!

Alien Series 3 is slated for November and includes:
Dog Alien (Alien 3)
Bishop (Aliens)
Kane in Nostromo Suit with Face Hugger (Alien)

Alien Series 4 is slated for January 2015 and includes:
Ripley in Nostromo Suit with Angry Jonesey the Cat (Alien)
Ripley with Flamethrower and Jonesey the Cat (Alien)
Dallas in Nostromo Suit (Alien)

As far as Predator goes there was a more final looking Blade Fighter than the one I saw at Toy Fair.  Now of course the vehicle comes packed separately from the Viper Predator who was moved to series 12.  Sorry, no new Alien vs Predator announcements yet, they still hope to tackle that in 2015.  Series 12 includes the Enforcer (Shredder), Viper, and Elder Predator.  Bad Blood will be a deluxe sized figure released alongside the twelfth series.  Series 13 is slated for a December release and will include Kenner homage Predators Scavage, Renegade, and Broken Tusk.


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  1. Hmm…not so keen on these two series of Predators, though I may change my mind when I see then in person. I want a new Wolf Predator — and another release of the masked City Hunter. Also hoping for a glow-in-the-dark Kenner tribute too. We’ll see what 2015 brings!

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