NYCC 2014 TruForce Megaman X

NYCC 2014: TruForce Megaman X

There have always been rumors and grumblings that Capcom is difficult to work with when it comes to merchandising.  Thus it is interesting to see in the last year that a couple of pretty much unknown companies have announced Capcom based action figures.  Earlier this year Capo Toys announced a Street Fighter line to a pretty high amount of praise at Toy Fair.  Unfortunately it looks as though there were some legal issues between the person who sculpted those figures and whoever was running Capo and the series ended up going to Kickstarter.  TwiceFailing twice in a pretty dramatic fashion.

I have no idea what the fate of that line is, but I can not imagine Capcom can be happy that a property they licensed out was so poorly planned out that it had to go to and fail at the Kickstarter level.

NYCC 2014 TruForce Megaman X

I only bring up the Capo Street Fighter series because TruForce has announced their own six-inch scale Megaman X … which is also planned to go to Kickstarter.  The prototype was up on display at the convention.  It was a complete surprise and the figure looks great!  It’s planned to come with swappable face, head, and arm parts as well as die-cast parts and LED light-up features.  The figure sounds ambitious and looks fantastic, which isn’t far from the same story with Capo Toys.  Let’s hope that TruForce has paid attention to the factors that caused Capo to fail and makes the right moves.

Apparently the D-Arts Megaman did HORRIBLE in the US.  Which I found shocking since i thought the figure looked fantastic.  With that knowledge I’m sure TruForce has a fight ahead of them to make this work.  I’m interested to see how it plays out.

Keep an eye on TruForce’s website as they release info on the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.


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