DC Collectibles Batman the Animated Series Catwoman

DC Collectibles Batman the Animated Series 04 Catwoman Review

I had every reason not to do this.  I don’t need another line to collect, the figures are fairly fragile (a staple trait of DC Collectibles), and I already snapped Batman’s ankle off.  But, I saw some friends on twitter had theirs and I got that surge of “want.”  So I told myself it was a good idea to drive out to the comic store in the snow to see if they had one in stock.  After all the new Transformers: More than Meets the Eye issue came out today, so I had the ulterior motive already.  Luckily I was able to grab the last Catwoman off the shelf, and now I’m two for two on Animated Batman releases.

Will I ever stop?  Yo, I don’t know.

Like Batman, Catwoman is a very faithful recreation of the cartoon character.  For the most part she is a giant gray suit with black sections at the extremities and a golden belt, how hard could that be?  The final product turned out pretty clean with some slight slop around the belt and face.  I’m not totally sold on the face either.  I think that they made her eyes slightly too wide, and since they are sculpted facing down she looks high.  It also wouldn’t have hurt to include an unmasked head with her.  She’s lite on the plastic and certainly is packed with less than Batman, so giving us that Selina Kyle head would have been a nice bonus.

However, she still comes with a ton of accessories: a stand, four alternate hands, a whip, necklace, binoculars, and a cat … an articulated cat!

An important lesson I learned with Batman was that if a joint is stuck don’t try to put too much pressure on it.  This is DC Collectibles we are talking about here, so if you push on it too hard it will probably break.  It’s not always clear if a joint is just stuck or if it actually doesn’t move the way I intend it to.  So the best solution to a stuck joint with these figures is to put them under a hot light or hairdryer for a little while to soften up the plastic a bit.  I had a stuck ankle on my Catwoman and this helped loosen it up for me with no issue.  There is no reason to do so, but I am slightly curious if her head pops off.  I just don’t want to break a second figure finding out.

DC Collectibles Batman the Animated Series Catwoman

Her articulation is pretty standard, but she does have a slight leg up over Batman since she has rocker ankles.  I could have done with a larger range of motion in her elbow joints, even if it was just so they could hit a 90 degree angle that would be enough.  Of course we can’t forget about those unsightly hip pegs that turn a lot of people off … strangely they don’t bug me all that much.  According to people on internet message boards they will be hidden in future waves, but I really don’t have a horse in that fight either way.

Despite my gripes I’m enjoying the trek each week to the comic store to pick these up.  It’s like that novelty (that has probably faded at this point) of having Matty send me figures every month.  It’s kind of fun to get out there more than once every three months.  It’s also cool to look forward to a toy instead of a book I may just be picking up because I’m too lazy to cancel it on my pull list.  At $25 a piece at comic store prices it isn’t a bad deal at all.  No shipping definitely helps as well.  I have a soft spot for that animated series, and I’m having fun with the line so far.  I’ll stick with it for now.

DC Collectibles Batman the Animated Series Catwoman

If you don’t have a comic shop or just refuse to go to one there is always Amazon who will have them later this month.  But local comic stores are kinda cool, here’s mine.

Bonus Batman on a horse, since that’s all he can do after being placed on injured reserve with a broken ankle …

DC Collectibles Batman the Animated Series Batman



6 thoughts on “DC Collectibles Batman the Animated Series 04 Catwoman Review”

  1. This is a great looking figure, but they’re just a little too fragile for my liking. It also throws me off that some figures are based on their Batman: TAS designs and others are from The New Batman Adventures. I would prefer all of them be from TAS, but maybe that’s just me.

  2. “Will I ever stop? Yo, I don’t know.” has just won as the greatest thing anybody has said in a toy review all year.

    I was all about these figures when they were announced and have seen the Catwoman, Batman, Mr. Freeze and Two Face figures in person at various stores around town but with the “breaking joints” warnings that have peppered almost every review mixed with they just don’t blow me away when I see them carded right in front of me, I am going to exercise restraint.

    Once they’re out of the pack and I’m messing around with them, I’m sure I’d like them but I’m scared of breaky toys so I’m making a stand. I would definitely have them for free, though. When you’re sick of yours, please send them to my house thanks.

    yr pal,


  3. I bought a batman and catwoman. Catwoman’s arm broke off at the elbow swivel joint. Batman’s hand snapped off .

    Seriously, I know they’re beautiful figures. But this is not right.

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  5. As much as I’d love action figures from this cartoon, I just can’t get past the hideous hip/upper thigh articulation. This combined with the severe fragility issues, and the line is an easy one to pass on. If they ever get around to Batman Beyond, I sure hope they address these issues.

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