NECA Pacific Rim Hong Kong Brawl Gipsy Danger (2.0) Review

This is the release I would assume most NECA Pacific Rim collectors have been waiting for.  It’s been pretty well discussed at this point that NECA made concessions to get the first series of figures into Walmart.  This never happened.  Well actually it did, but about a year and a half after the movie came out.  You can now find the original Gipsy Danger at some Walmarts, they are typically by the checkout where the baseball and Magic cards are.  In a way I guess it works out since the Gipsy that was made for Walmart eventually found his way there.

While the original mold looked good it did not have much in the way of posability.  It DID have articulation, but it was very limited and the sculpt blocked a large portion of his range of motion.  This is where “Hong Kong Brawl” or Gipsy Danger 2.0 comes in.  NECA decided to go back to fix both the articulation and scale of the original release.  But wait!  It doesn’t end there as the new figure is also packed with alternate hands, an arm blade, and a giant boat.  They pretty much went for the quintessential version of the character and packaged him accordingly.  Mind you, for the same price as the series one restock Gipsy that has been hitting Toys “R” Us shelves the last week or so.

The first thing I did when I got Gipsy out of his package (besides putting the boat in his hands) was to compare him to the original release.  I was curious if NECA reused any tooling to make this figure and I’m happy to report that it does not appear so.  Obviously all the parts look similar considering it’s still the same character, but everything is up sized and there are little details in the sculpt of the new Gipsy that the old one does not have.  I can’t give enough praise to the paint job as well.  The glossy blue on gray really pops, and all paint detail is sharp and clean.

Gipsy has a nice array of new articulation points, and the biggest improvement is the inclusion of bicep and thigh swivels.  These joints just open him up to so many more poses including the ability to hold his boat with both hands.  Any figure that can hold its accessory with both hands is doing something right in my book.  I’m loving the open hands because it gives him the ability to rip a Kaiju’s jaw open, but it also lets him show his more sensitive side and hold a little kitten.

NECA Pacific Rim Hong Kong Brawl Gipsy Danger 2.0

If you have been an avid NECA Pacific Rim collector should you grab this Gipsy variant?  Hell yes!  It’s leaps and bounds better than the previous mold.  I understand that you’ve already purchased that original mold five times over, but this one is worth dropping another twenty bucks on.  It’s the Gipsy Danger we deserve, not the one we have to settle for.  He’s just started to show up in Toys “R” Us stores with his wave-mate Tacit Ronin (who I have yet to track down).  If you don’t like shopping at Toys “R” Us you can always check Amazon as I’ve seen Tacit there but no signs of Hong Kong Battle Gipsy yet.  It’s the holiday season though and NECA usually has big roll outs around this time so you have a good chance of scoring one locally.

Unfortunately I’m unable to create the actual “Hong Kong Brawl” that Gipsy was involved with as Otachi is not scheduled for release until early next year.  So in the mean time, enjoy some shots of him messing around with other Kaiju I had sitting around the house.  It’s also nice to get Scunner pictures on the site because I believe that I forgot to do a review when I got him this summer.


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