Mattel DC Universe Classics Unleashed Doomsday

Mattel DC Universe Classics Doomsday Unleashed Review

I’ll start this review by mentioning that I have not bought a single DC Universe Classics (or DCIE or DC Signature series … no idea what the actual name is now) since about the third or fourth retail wave a few years back.  I don’t know all that much about DC.  The extent of my knowledge is what I’ve absorbed from the handful of movies I’ve seen, Batman: The Animated Series, and random things I’ve overheard people discussing.  I’m probably more of a Marvel guy even though I don’t really keep up with what is going on there either.  So really what I’m eluding to is I’m a toy guy, and this toy grabbed me and I had to have it!

Mattel DC Universe Classics Unleashed Doomsday

As I’m sure most are aware last year marked the end of the DC Universe Classics line when Mattel could not gather enough people to make another year’s subscription financially worthwhile.  I’m not sure what their expectations were, but they decided to make a “Bound” Doomsday in his prison suit the subscriber exclusive if the sub-drive went through.  If the numbers reached a second tier we would unlock “Unleashed” Doomsday.  Neither tier was reached so “Bound” Doomsday became the SDCC exclusive and the six figures shown were bi-monthly releases.  I think most people assumed “Unleashed” Doomsday was officially cancelled and moved on.

Then about a year later something happened.  A picture of that previously thought cancelled Doomsday show up online packaged and all.  What we once thought was lost found its way out.  “Unleashed” Doomsday was to be the final figure to bookend the DC Universe Classics action figure line.

Fair enough Mattel, it’s a pretty solid way to go out.

Everything about Doomsday is huge.  His mailer box with the blood-soaked Superman symbol is huge.  The clear display case, huge!  Doomsday the figure … HUGE!  I’d ordered a couple of these for Christmas presents (and to qualify for free shipping on Black Friday), so the box that arrived was almost the size of a coffin.  Mattel did a splendid job with the presentation of this figure.  They probably put more effort into this release than the entire 2013 and 2014 DC Universe Classics line.

Mattel DC Universe Classics Unleashed Doomsday

Doomsday comes in a large clear plastic diorama display package.  If you were grew up in the nineties there are probably two DC events that everyone remembers: Death of Superman and the Breaking of Batman.  Even people who didn’t read comics know of these two events.  The diorama packaging does a great job of showcasing Doomsday holding up Superman’s tattered cape and a Metropolis in ruins.  Once you get past the layers and layers of packaging there is a pretty cool figure in there too.

Mattel DC Universe Classics Unleashed Doomsday

Can you tell Doomsday is huge?  I didn’t actually have a DCUC Superman on hand, so the next best thing was Batzarro!  Yes, I bought Batzarro for six bucks to have my Matty order qualify for free shipping.  Well worth it, Batzarro owns.  He’s now my second favorite DCUC figure after Doomsday.  But yes, back to Doomsday, he’s almost twice the size of a regular DC Universe Classics figure.

As far as articulation goes the scheme should be no surprise if you’ve collected anything from Mattel’s DC or Masters of the Universe lines.  I will say, however, that mine feels a bit loose.  He’s a top-heavy figure and his hip joints are fairly loose, making him want to do a split if I spread the legs too far apart.  This is aided a bit by his large feet.  They are pretty good about helping him grip the surface he’s standing on.  I also have some looseness in the shoulders and knees, but nothing too major.  It certainly isn’t something deal breaking, and I’m quite happy with his construction.

Mattel DC Universe Classics Unleashed Doomsday

Doomsday doesn’t come with anything besides the ripped up Superman cape.  The cape is a pretty nice extra and the tears are strategically placed so that he can attach it to his arm.  Paintwork is solid as well.  Everything that should have paint does, so it doesn’t seem that they cut any corners.  He does have that blue shading on the white craggy parts.  I know this bugs some people so I just wanted to point it out.  I’ve mentioned quite a few times that he is giant, and I think he will make most people who were disappointed with the smaller first release very happy.

Mattel currently has “Unleashed” Doomsday up as a preorder, even though the site doesn’t specifically say so.  They must have had a few in the warehouse earlier this week since mine shipped right away.  If you order one now they claim it is currently on a ship, and they will do their best to get it to your house before the holidays.  Just a heads up there in case you want to grab one for your favorite Superman’s death aficionado.

Mattel DC Universe Classics Unleashed Doomsday

Doomsday is a fitting end for the extensive DC Universe Classics collection.  I didn’t indulge but I can respect the enormous collection they were able to push out in a fairly small time-frame.  At $40 plus shipping (Matty shipping, unfortunately) he’s a pretty solid value for what you are getting.  If you can find a few more figures to bundle with him and save on shipping he’s an even better value.  Worst case scenario check Amazon.  Getting both deluxe sized Doomsday figures in one year is pretty cool.  “Unleashed” Doomsday is an impressive figure.  Mattel put the proper amount of effort and care into this release, which I think would help some people say goodbye to DC Universe Classics on a positive note.

Mattel DC Universe Classics Unleashed Doomsday






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  1. Really bummed out that DCUC is finishing up — it came out when I wasn’t really buying toys, and so only now am I starting to go through and pick up a few figs. But this is a fitting note to end it on — I’m just not sure I can justify the cost — the figure is okay cost-wise, but shipping to Australia…

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