NECA Pacific Rim S5 Romeo Blue Jaeger

NECA Pacific Rim S5 Romeo Blue Review

If you don’t remember Romeo Blue from Pacific Rim then there is a good chance you blinked during the opening flashback.  He was featured in in the “HUMANITY FIGHTS BACK!” news spot during the parade for the second Jaeger victory.  He’s seen in a brief night vision fight, a Rolling Stone magazine cover, and briefly shown as an action figure in the movie!

Now Romeo Blue is portrayed in the movie fighting a Kaiju by the name of Hardship.  Hardship shares a similar body structure to Mutavore, the Kaiju that Striker Eureka takes down in Sydney.  Since part reuse has been a big theme with the Kaiju releases, this could be an excellent way to get an adversary for both Striker and Romeo with one mold.  Who knows?  Maybe NECA will reveal something along those lines at Toy Fair in a few weeks.

This is the fifth Pacific Rim wave.  I’m amazed at the staying power of this action figure property.  We’re also well past all the main Jaegers in the movie so now we move onto the ones seen briefly in the prologue.  Tacit Ronin was in the previous wave and Horizon Brave will be coming up in the next.  These three waves also each come with a Gipsy Danger variant.  Romeo is packed in a case with “Anchorage Attack” Gipsy Danger.

NECA Pacific Rim S5 Romeo Blue Jaeger

Being a Mark-1 Jaeger he’s noticeably smaller than most of the other robots in the collection.  What he may lack in size he makes up for in articulation.  Most Jaegers past the first couple waves have pretty great articulation schemes.  The problem that some of them run into, however, is that their designs are so busy that some of that articulation is rendered pretty useless.  Romeo is very similar to Cherno Alpha in that pretty much all of his joints have free range, so we get great use out of each and every ball joint.  His arms have such a great range of motion that it’s even possible to put him in a “Haduken” pose.

NECA Pacific Rim S5 Romeo Blue Jaeger

Romeo has a slight action feature where his hands can extend out of his wrist.  I’m not sure if it works on both hands though; the left arm on mine works while the other seems to be stuck in one position.  I’ve been putting it under heat and pulling on it, but it doesn’t seem to be coming loose.  Nobody has really confirmed it for me but I am going to assume since the left forearm is sculpted different that it is the only side that the hands can extend from.  I feel like if I try anymore I may snap the hand off of the wrist, and then I’ll be sad.

Nothing to do with NECA’s figure, but one aspect of Romeo Blue that I found odd from a design perspective was the giant fin on the front of his body.  It seems like that would be a real detriment to the pilots doing battle if there is a giant chunk of metal obstructing their view.  I decided to look into its purpose, and found out that the fin was put in place to protect the pilots from a frontal attack.  I suppose that makes sense.  However, Romeo Blue only has one confirmed kill.  Perhaps if the pilots were able to see, this Mark-1 would have lasted slightly longer.

I’m very pleased with Romeo Blue.  For a Jaeger who had maybe a few seconds of screen time, he really makes an excellent action figure.  I was slightly impatient with this wave and grabbed it off Amazon.  Considering him and Gipsy were only $18.99 each plus shipping it was a pretty solid deal.  I’d have probably blown the extra $5 I spent in shipping driving around haunting local FYE locations.  If you want him now, he’s currently at MSRP on Amazon.

I continue to be extremely impressed with NECA’s Pacific Rim line.  The figures are fun and the character selection is getting extremely deep.  It also seems as though NECA has no plans of stopping.  The next wave has already been announced, Otachi is on the way, and I’m sure there will be more surprises come Toy Fair.  Each figure released also gives me a reason to go back and watch the movie again, so I get some personal enjoyment out of that.  Give me more, give me all the Kaiju and all the Jaeger … I can take it!


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  1. I really like this figure. I just got him in today. Unfortunately, his left knee is completely locked at the lower joint, and the ring in the upper is cracked all the way through. It is sturdy for now, but I’ve got to keep my eyes open for a replacement. I’m not sure what the sliding out left hand is either. I popped off the right hand, and the blue armor piece slides off revealing a solid piece of plastic that has the same detailing as the piece that comes out of the left forearm.
    In any case, this is just a really great figure, and far surpassed my expectations for him.

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