Mattel MOTUC Lizard Man

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Lizard Man Review

Truth be told this is not my favorite Lizard Man to date.  Back in the early 2000’s I was the proud owner of a Dreamcast and Soul Calibur was my jam.  My favorite character (after Sophitia of course) was Lizardman!  Lizardman was a grizzled warrior with body armor, a sword, and a shield.  The Masters of the Universe Classics bio would like to make you believe that their Lizard Man is a warrior too.  However, he looks like more like a monk than a warrior.  The nice thing about the MOTU universe is that it’s much better to just make up your own back story for characters.  Whatever your nutty brain can come up with probably makes more sense than their official canon anyway.

So without further ado, Lizard Man is our first 2015 (THE FINAL YEAR, ALL LINES MUST END, HOLY SHIT BUY BUY BUY … etc.) Club Eternia figure!

Masters of the Universe Classics – Lizard Man
Release Date: 01/15/2015 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $26.00 ($28.00 non sub)
Title: Heroic Cold Blooded Ally

Lizard Man is fun because he is one of those early year new sculpts.  You know, the ones they use to sell the subscription to us dumb schleps.  He certainly doesn’t have the drawing power of a main character like Ram Man or Two-Bad, but since he’s never had a toy before I consider him a pretty important get for the Classics line.  Lizard Man appeared in a total of three episodes of the Filmation series, and I believe he may have been brown in one of them.  I’m not holding my breath for a brown variant as Mattel has shown they really have no interest in make easy repaints (see: green Granamyr or Snake Men two-pack).

Mattel MOTUC Lizard Man

Most of Lizard Man is a new sculpt.  It appears that parts of his legs and arms were reused from Modulok, but the rest is all new.  And in being all new they did make a slightly baffling decision with his torso: no ab crunch!  This seems like an odd choice to me considering the character has a hunched over appearance to begin with.  When I’m posing I continually try to move his ab crunch back to no avail.  You really don’t appreciate these things until they’re gone.

Mattel MOTUC Lizard Man

The tail is permanently molded into the waist overlay which is a departure from the Whiplash or Scorpia method of connecting them to the back.  It also does not have any articulation or give.  Despite not being able to move it does function well as a nice kickstand to keep him standing, similar to Marvel Legends’ Rocket Raccoon action figure.  A pretty neat feature from his sculpt is the semi-translucent webbing between his fingers.  It isn’t totally see-through, but light shines through it.  While it isn’t revolutionary or anything, it is a sigh of relief from the “Rubinization” of the figures last year where it was pretty clear the design team didn’t give two fucks.  Lizard Man certainly has at least a few fucks given and I appreciate it.

Mattel MOTUC Lizard Man

U can’t see me Cena …

Lizard Man comes packaged with two accessories that he is free to use, but they don’t actually belong to him.  He comes packed with Skeletor’s Filmation sword and the Diamond Ray of Disappearance.  So really both accessories are meant for Skeletor.  The Diamond Ray is pretty nice and has grooves cut into the back of it so that Skeletor can hold it.  Oh!  It also glows in the dark!  Skeletor’s Filmation sword has a nice sculpt, but could definitely use some paint.  It’s all grey with no paint applications at all. Unfortunately that takes a good looking sculpt and makes it look cheap.

Mattel MOTUC Lizard Man

This a good first step into a new year of Masters of the Universe Classics.  Lizard Man is another Filmation character to check off of the list, and he was very well done (if you aren’t upset about the ab-crunch).  Now if only Mattycollector could make their invoices look correct, or not charge us for shipping on the free stands.  However, to be fair they did process refunds like a week later.  Also be aware that all MOTUC figures went up by one dollar this year, so regular figures are $26 and non-subscribers pay $28 along with shipping.

Mattel MOTUC Lizard Man

If you missed out on the sale he is officially gone from Matty’s store.  However you can always grab yourself a nice Lizard Man over at Amazon!

I’m well aware that this was a fairly late review, but I had some issues with Mattel using the wrong credit card.  It took them a while but we figured it out.  I’m thinking that February is going to be pretty killer with Snake Armor He-Man, King Hsss, and Ninjor.  Oh yeah, and we have Toy Fair reveals next week!  Start saving up for that Snake Mountain 😉

Mattel MOTUC Lizard Man


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