Hasbro Marvel Legends Machine Man

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Series Machine Man Review

After all of these years the Marvel Legends action figure line still manages to surprise me.  I never had any huge expectations out of the Odin wave.  When we got the preview last year at San Diego Comic Convention I thought it was a nice lineup, but nothing screamed “must have” to me besides Scarlet Witch.  Of course then I finally got them in the other day and everything changed.  This Odin wave is absolutely fantastic and could be one of Hasbro’s best yet.

I figured it would be best if I start by taking a look at one of my surprise favorites from the wave: Machine Man.  I had no clue who Machine Man was before the announcement of this wave.  However, once I cracked open that package it was pure love!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Machine Man

Machine Man certainly wasn’t an engineering miracle.  He’s one of the standard sized Marvel Legends’ bodies with a new head and belt.  Where he shines, however, is with his “Machine Man” gimmick of extending arms!  Anybody who grew up watching Inspector Gadget has to appreciate his action feature.  His hands are removable which allows you to insert a long and bendy extension into his wrist in order to make his arms extend.  It’s simple, but it’s also fun.  And isn’t fun what this hobby is all about?

No?  Fine.  Complaining about things AND having fun is what this hobby is all about!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Machine Man

A neat little life-hack I’ve found with Machine Man is that his wrist pegs accept all Hasbro removable hands!  Therefor if you also grabbed the Iron Fist in this same wave you have an entire arsenal of hands to use with him.  I’m a fan of the open hands and the chopping hands.  The chopping hands let you do a mean extended arm “Hail Hydra” if making insensitive hand gestures is your thing!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Machine Man

Machine Man comes packed with two sets of hands, arm extensions, and two arms for either Odin or Old Man Thor.  The arm extensions are made of bendy material, although I almost prefer to pose  him with them straight.  There is a slight issue with the extensions.  The plug that goes into the wrist locks in fine but is slightly small for the hole.  So the extensions won’t fall out, but they will flop around quite a bit under any amount of weight.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Machine Man

The Allfather Marvel Legends wave is fairly easy to find since it hit shelves earlier this year.  It also pops up on Amazon quite frequently if you are afraid (or just don’t want) to leave the house.  I’m quite happy with Machine Man.  He’s a simple figure that I didn’t have much of an opinion on going into the purchase, but now that i have him in my hand I’m quite satisfied.

I just realized I’ve had the same song looping for two hours.  I really should fix that.  Good night!


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