Mattel MOTUC Ninja Warrior Ninjor

Mattel MOTUC Ninja Warrior (Ninjor) Review

February was a blockbuster month for Masters of the Universe Classics.  Between the monthly releases, Toy Fair reveals, a giant Zodac, and the 200x subscription I’ve got the He-Man spirit.  Thankfully, Huntara will be out next month to cool me down a bit.  But once Sssqueeze and the 200x subscription kicks in all bets are off!  I then go off into my happy, drooling, toy idiot phase.

Masters of the Universe Classics – Ninja Warrior (Ninjor)
Release Date: 02/16/2015 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $26.00 ($28.00 non sub)
Title: Evil Ninja Master

Some time between 1987 and 2015 Mattel lost the trademark to the name “Ninjor.”  It kind of humors me when this happens because Mattel ends up having to name their figures a third-party equivalent of their original character name.  It would be kind of like if Hasbro lost the name “Sixshot” and began naming future releases Hexatron.  Does this mean if a third party Ninja Warrior came out they would use the name Ninjor? Much like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop; the world may never know.

Mattel MOTUC Ninja Warrior Ninjor

Ninjor is a pretty accessory packed release.  I guess this works out since his base body required zero new sculpting.  Ninjor comes packed with an alternate head, holster full of arrows (that aren’t removable), a bow, sword, and a new belt part for Jitsu.  I’m really digging the 200x style belt for Jitsu.  It’s a great addition that makes an older figure I was fairly neutral on look so much better.  Now if only they could do something about Jitsu’s head being so small!

* – I totally forgot he had nunchucks too!  I must have misplaced them shortly after opening him.

Mattel MOTUC Ninja Warrior Ninjor

I’ve been mentioning the engineering quite a bit the past few months because it seems that Mattel is actually trying to correct the wrongs of yesteryear.  Ninja Warrior continues this streak because he’s a figure with an overlay but can put his hands down at his side.  This is accomplished by simply making the hole where the arms go through slightly larger; clasping them a little lower down the torso.  It doesn’t end up hurting the figure’s sculpt or silhouette at all, and he doesn’t suffer from “body builder” or “fat suit” syndrome!

Mattel MOTUC Ninja Warrior Ninjor

The weapon of choice of a true Ninja Warrior is the katana.  He indeed comes with that sword and it can be strapped on his back or held in his hand.  If you take a close look at it you will notice the handle is gigantic, and this worried me at first.  But it turns out that it fits perfectly into his hand or the holster on his back, so I suppose I can forgive its gigantism.  Actually everything but his nunchucks can be strapped onto his person, and this is a feature I always appreciate because I hate putting away loose accessories.

Mattel MOTUC Ninja Warrior Ninjor

If you are a fan of Jitsu, Fisto, or any of the other ultra-detailed characters that have snuck their way into Classics then you won’t be disappointed in Ninjor.  After all the same sculptor who constructed those guys made him.  The alternate head is fantastic but very pale, so you may have issues matching him to another body’s skin-tone.  Possibly Thunder Punch He-Man?  Ninja Warrior is a pretty great release during a month where we’ve had some already amazing figures.  I didn’t have much nostalgic attachment to the man they call Ninjor, but holy shit did this figure impress me.

Mattel MOTUC Ninja Warrior Ninjor

If you are looking to Mattycollector to obtain this Ninja Warrior then look elsewhere!  It’s sold out.  It may be worth checking your local Amazon to see if you can get a deal.




6 thoughts on “Mattel MOTUC Ninja Warrior (Ninjor) Review”

  1. Can’t wait to get mine next month. Also, Huntara looks fantastic, Lizard man is the one I’m not too geared up to get.

    1. Huntara never really did much for me. I’m sure she will be fine but it will also be nice to have Oo-Larr with her in the same month.

      1. Scareglow, Vikor and Ninjor are the three I want from the line — sadly, I’m a little priced out of the market on two of the three!

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