Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Spider-Man

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Series Spider Man (2015) Review

You would think after fifteen years of Spider-Man variants I’d eventually tire and stop.  Nope, toy collecting is a sickness.  And while yes I have skipped some variants along this journey there is always something that makes the newest figure worth owning.  This one was simple but very effective: a slice of pizza!

I have to give Hasbro a lot of credit because they really packed this release full of accessories to make it worth your while.  Spider-Man comes with three different sets of hands (so six total), an extra head with the mask peeled half way up his face, the infamous pizza slice, and a Hobgoblin leg.  Aside from the barrage of accessories Hasbro has also just about perfected the Spider-Man body.  In last year’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 wave we got one of the best Spideys to date.  Sure it was in the movie costume, but the movie costume was a very good interpretation of the comic look.  Now that we have the comic look do whatever you want with that old piece of garbage!

I kid that figure is still good, keep it, cherish it, love it.

While this Spider-Man is quite fantastic there are a couple little things to look out for.  This first one may just be specific to mine, however, he has some crazy smeared paint on his right shoulder ball.  It’s worse on the right but both sides just seem off.  The paint is actually really good (except for a black spot in the middle of his eye, damn you!) all over the rest of his body, but it looks as though somebody rubbed a finger across the shoulder while it was still drying.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Pizza Spider-Man

I also think that this new Spider-Man body makes the torso just slightly too long.  It’s not long enough to look odd, but when I take a close look at it it just feels slightly unnatural.  I understand that a person who has super powers from being bitten by a radioactive spider is also unnatural, however he’s still a normally proportioned human.  At least when most artists draw him.  It’s actually more noticeable on Spider-Man 2099 because the design of his costume doesn’t break up the blue from the chest down.

The only other nitpick is that there is no calf swivel.  It really doesn’t bug me, but I know it upsets some people because consider it a required joint.  I’m a respectable reviewer and it would break my heart if somebody dropped a fat twenty on this only to find out that calf swivels are not included.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Pizza Spider-Man

Despite the very slight quality and aesthetic issues this is probably one of the best Spider-Man figures in the Marvel Legends line.  That is, of course until next wave when they make another one that tops this.  That’s just how it happens in the toy world, generally the next figure is always better than the last.  Unless you are Playmates then as time goes on you forget about stuff like paint and just release figures that look like knock-offs of your own figures.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Pizza Spider-Man

Spider-Man will cost you a cool $20 (give or take) at your favorite local establishment like Target, Walmart, or Toys ‘R’ Us.  This Hobgoblin wave just started hitting those stores in the US, so your luck may vary on any given day.  It seems like last weekend every store in my area got them.  They were also then gone shortly thereafter, which is pretty typical with Marvel Legends.  I lucked out on four of the six figures, so I’m still missing both of the Spider-ladies.  There is some good news because Amazon is currently taking preorders for the entire Spider-Man wave.  Or just grab a case here!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Pizza Spider-Man

Oh no!  Ran out of review, so let’s just enjoy the trials and tribulations of the PIZZA!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Pizza Spider-Man

* – Don’t breathe, don’t breathe ….

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Pizza Spider-Man


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